Professional Makeup Artist Finds Success Through Networking

Natalia Zurawska OMP MUA #250579 began her career as a professional makeup artist by networking with photographers. “I would work on ‘creatives’ – when a photographer, model and makeup artist get together to create portfolio pieces. My portfolio grew and so did my clientele. It is the best way to build/maintain relationships and fine tune your craft.”

Natalia’s expertise is not limited to a specific makeup style, she loves variety, whether is natural-looking makeup, elaborate hair, body painting, etc., she loves it all. So far in her career, she’s had many amazing opportunities to work in various assignments. “I love my career and I know I am very lucky.”

Most recently, Natalia has started a crowdfunding project to achieve one or her goals, to publish a book she wrote called “I’m Not Making This Up”. In the book she shares quick and easy makeup tips, tricks and techniques she’s accumulated over the span of her MUA career. “I’m Not Making This Up” is geared for all women of every age and ethnicity. This book is perfect for anyone who is a makeup lover as well.

The idea for the book was born when clients started asking her about her favorite products as well as different tips and tricks over and over again. “I would offer tips on an individual basis and then Voila! the idea came about as the same questions kept getting asked.”

“Some of the chapters in the book feature going from a day look to a night look in minutes, head shots, makeup for the beach and more. I also mention my favorite products.” OMP members are encouraged to support this fellow member, for each $100 contribution, donors to her crowdfunding project will receive a signed book upon launching. If you contribute $500, you will get a personalized makeover for you and your friends.

Natalia goals don’t stop there, “I would love to be able to continue making videos, write a hair book, have a makeup line. If I can make even one woman smile and feel more confident then I am happy.” You can see her in action on her website, which features makeover videos showcasing her talent.

Natalia relates that helps her make the right connections in the business. “OMP is an amazing website. The amount of people to network with is almost limitless. I have kept in touch and developed some great relationships. It also really helps with knowledge as everyone helps each other out.”

Her advice for MUAs just starting out is “Work hard, network, network, network, have patience and chin up. If you build it, have a passion, it will all work out. Never give up.”

She would also like to thank for the support she has received. “OMP has been an amazing support for me. They have featured me on their blog and really helped me promote my work to such a large audience. Without them this would not be possible. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

You can see more of Natalia’s work on her OMP Portfolio, and follow her on Facebook by searching Colourchameleon and, and for more videos, visit her YouTube Channel.

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Model Interview: Amelia Talon – Part 2

By: Jarmo Pohjaniemi OMP Member #68348

Last week we introduced Amelia Talon, a self-professed “gaming-geekette” and the newest Shoot The Centerfold model. This week we learn more about this beauty and what makes her the ultimate girl next door.

OMP: What is the most beautiful place you ever been to?

Amelia: Maui, Hawaii. I love tropical locations and somewhere that has more nature than industry.

OMP: Top three things that annoy you?

Amelia: Rude, conceited, debbie-downer people, traffic, and when I have a string of bad luck.

OMP: Top three things that make you happy?

Amelia: Videogames, good food, and fun long nights with friends.

OMP: If you could go back and start everything all over again, what would you do different in your life?

Amelia: Absolutely nothing. I am at ease and also blessed with the decisions and events that have happened to me in my life. This is where I am meant to be and all of things that have happened shaped who I am, I wouldn’t change a thing.

OMP: Married or Single?

Amelia: Unfortunately, to shatter some dreams I am with someone, to say the least. ;)

OMP: Your motto for life?

Amelia: “Don’t forget to live.” Because far too often we are stuck on paying so much attention to bills or work, or anything that otherwise takes you away from the ultimate beauty, life. You only get one shot so tear it up!

OMP: Worst pickup line ever? Best pickup line ever?

Amelia: This kind of melts together as the best and worst, “I’m gonna use a masterball to capture your heart.” It’s a gamer reference which gives massive points, but it is SO corny! Hahaha

OMP: What do you expect from Shoot The Centerfold seminar/workshop?

Amelia: Honestly I also want a sneak peak at the tips from the masters of photography as well! Jarmo and Steve are amazing, I love them both and I also really love how photographers make me look amazing. I’m not just there to model and be oblivious to everything but myself, I like what goes on in all aspects of the creative process.

OMP: If you were not modeling, what would you be doing?

Amelia: Trying to get into the gaming industry full time. I said before that I’ve always wanted to go into game design but I really love modeling so when I’m so old I’m booted out of the modeling world, I’m going back to my roots.

OMP: Have you visited Bahamas before?

Amelia: No I haven’t, this will be a first for me, it’s going to be amazing!!

OMP: Well, that sounds more like an invitation to us, and you better bring your “A” game for Amelia. Her gothic personality speaks for power and you know what that means. This sassy, vixen-like, sugar-coated blonde can be a handful for even experienced photographers. Amelia says, “Everything to me is a challenge, I am the master of gaming and only way to win is to give everything you got! I have yet to meet that person who can out-do me on front or behind the camera!”

You can join Amelia at the Shoot The Centerfold seminar/workshop, May 25-26th in the Bahamas. Don’t miss out, reserves your seats now!

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Model Interview: Amelia Talon – Part 1

By: Jarmo Pohjaniemi OMP Member #68348

Amelia Talon is a 22 year-old self-professed “gaming-geekette”, she even has a Pokémon Poké Ball tattoo on the nape of her neck. When it comes to video games her favorites include, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. In this exclusive interview, we learn what makes her the ultimate girl next door and a Shoot The Centerfold model.

OMP: Where is home?

Amelia: Home to me is where my family is, back in a small town in Washington state near Seattle. But for now, I live in Costa Mesa, CA.

OMP: What made you get into modeling?

Amelia: I have always been an artistic person since I could even hold a crayon so I saw modeling as another form of artistic expression. Plus, my mom and many others had faith that I’d be a supermodel especially since I was so much taller than my classmates (haha). I guess I had a +1Up in the gene pool.

OMP: What do you enjoy about modeling?

Amelia: I enjoy stepping out of the box, being able to portray different characters and most of all getting dressed up! I love Halloween and this career is Halloween everyday for me, I love it.

OMP: Worst part of modeling?

Amelia: The annoying widespread belief that “modeling is standing there looking pretty,” they don’t really know how much I bust my butt for this! Try contorting your body that causes back spasms and requires every muscle in your body and still look like you relish this and have that “I want to have sex look,” (haha), yeah. Beauty is pain, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

OMP: What type of modeling you like the best?

Amelia: I love working with Halloween costume catalogs and anything Playboy, of course. I get dolled up in my favorite gear, whether it’s vampire garb or my birthday suit, I’m in love.

OMP: Do you have any advice for photographers from a model’s point of view?

Amelia: Communication is fabulous and a must-have when working together. I hate when I’m left to hang and find out that pose I thought looked hot would have been so much better if I turned just a little bit to the right. If I look stupid or my boobs look awesome in a certain pose, as awkward as it is, don’t be afraid to tell me!

OMP: Do you have any advice for starting models who are looking to get to the modeling?

Amelia: Don’t – for the love of all things – be a gosh darn diva. You don’t know how many stories I’ve heard where awesome girls are such jerks that they lose out on work that I now get because I’m super nice.

OMP: Your thoughts on nude and non-nude modeling.

Amelia: Both are amazing, have their equal hardships and benefits, but I have never seen either better than the other. They are satisfying in their own way.

OMP: Best place where modeling has taken you so far?

Amelia: Right now! I get to go to the Bahamas, woo hoo! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful place with me.

OMP: You are quite famous on gaming industry. Enlighten us what that means and what’s the connection?

Amelia: I am a huge gamer geek. I love being able to escape to a reality where I have powers and I am out to save the world from evil. I have been doing interviews, streams, and even cosplayed to catch the attention of the public that gamer girls are real and a force to be reckoned with. Heck, I am here supporting nerds and geeks in general, I’m proud and there’s no reason to be ashamed of the mass collection of Star Wars figurines you have. Nerd Power!

OMP: What is your favorite video game?

Amelia: Ultimately it comes down to a childhood favorite that has stuck with me until even now, Pokémon. I have such a love for the game that I got a pokéball tattoo on the back of my neck. But I am quite obsessed with World of Warcraft as well since the game never ends, that’s the point of an mmorpg! But really, I have a long list of favorite games that I can’t bother to bore you all with right now.

OMP: What’s your best asset?

Amelia: I’d have to say my down to earth, amiable personality. I don’t think you’ll meet the nicest and humble person other than me. Of course, this is other than my charming good looks that Playboy noticed. (haha).

OMP: Worst?

Amelia: Good question. I try not to think about what’s wrong with me, I’m always looking to be the best person I can.

OMP: How do you relax?

Amelia: Ugh, I play videogames of course! I play online so much you might have crossed my path a couple of times.

You can join Amelia at the Shoot The Centerfold seminar/workshop, May 25-26th in the Bahamas. Don’t miss out, reserves your seats now!

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Win Your Way to Las Vegas and a Chance to Win $5,000

ClickStartMe is looking for its very first spokesmodel, and OMP wants you to be there. Win your way to Las Vegas and participate in the ClickStartMe Spokesmodel Finals at The Act Night club, on May 17, 2013. The winner will become ClickStartMe’s first spokesmodel for one year and win $5000!

Enter OMP‘s Model Competition to be on of the lucky finalists!

Grand Prize
- Round-trip airfare and accommodations in Las Vegas, NV
- Official OMP finalist in the ClickStartMe Spokesmodel finals
- One Year Platinum Plus Membership

2nd Prize
One Year Platinum Membership

3rd Prize
One Year Gold Membership

Submit your best images to prove that you deserve not only to be in the finals but also to show that you are true spokesmodel material!

Contest is open Male and Female Models and Actors of all membership levels.

• Only G-rated images are allowed!
• Images from the category of your choice
• You can submit as many images as you want to!

Photographers you too can win! Be sure to enter the OMP Photographer Competition!

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Dealing with Nervousness

By Aaron Marcus OMP Member #74938

About two months ago I decided to accept an audition that I knew would scare me. Even though I have been booked 1,197 times so far, there are still certain jobs that make me nervous.

This audition was for a medical school celebrating its 200th anniversary. The main speaker for the event would be the comedian Dennis Miller. I was told there would be hundreds upon hundreds of doctors and civic leaders attending this event. Three actors were being hired to portray famous graduates from the institution, which meant there was a lot of medical terminology in this three-minute monologue.

I decided to go to the audition for no other reason than because I knew it would scare and challenge me. The audition would take me out of my comfort zone, and it would be a good learning experience.

Since the character I was reading for lived many years ago, I did not have any type of wardrobe that would allow me to look like him. I did a little research, and noticed a slight resemblance. So, I basically wore clothing that was plain and simple. I wanted to make sure that it did not stand out too much and detract people from listening to my read.

As it turns out, I booked the job, and on the performance day, I was a very nervous guy portraying Dr. James Carroll. This man figured out that yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes, and his discoveries helped save millions of lives.

I always tell people at my acting/commercial modeling workshops, that not only is it not bad to be nervous, I actually think it helps. There is a lot of energy flying through our bodies when we are scared. The trick is learning how to harness that energy so that others can see and feel the energy without noticing the nerves. To help gather and use nervous energy, you must first acknowledge the fact that you are nervous. I will take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly, just to try and calm myself down a little, but not to smother the energy.

I don’t know if this is a psychological tool or not, but even though I am a very optimistic person, I realize the chances of me booking a job are generally pretty slim. There are always very talented people auditioning for the same role as me. So I think, “what is there to be nervous about? I probably won’t get the part anyway.” That seems to help take some of the pressure off of me during the audition.

Aaron Marcus, America’s Premier Acting and Modeling Career Coach, has been making his living as an actor and a commercial model for over 27 years. He has been booked, 1,197 times to date. He is the founder of, the author of How to Become a Successful Commercial Model (now in its 5th edition), and offers private online coaching session.

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Turning Your Dreams into Reality

We at are happy to announce an exciting new partnership with

ClickStartMe is looking for its very first spokesmodel, and this is your chance to enter. The ClickStartMe Spokesmodel Contest, sponsored by, will fly ten finalists to Las Vegas where they will appear on stage at the sizzling hot The Act Nightclub on May 17, 2013. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges, will take home $5,000 and will appear on for a year as their first spokesmodel.

All you have to do to enter is create a crowdfunding project on ClickStartMe!

For ideas about crowdfunding projects specifically for models, check out the ClickStartMe Blog. is the hottest new crowdfunding website and provides individuals and businesses an opportunity to easily raise funds online for almost any purpose. ClickStartMe “puts the fun in crowdfunding” and, unlike other crowdfunding sites, caters to models and the modeling industry. ClickStartMe allows models, photographers and others in the industry to use its crowdfunding portal to raise funds for things like a new portfolio, a revamped website, starting a new business or product line, travel expenses, or new equipment.

Several models have used ClickStartMe to raise funds for their favorite charities, helping society while also broadening the model’s exposure and fan base. ClickStartMe helps its users every step of the way, to give the greatest chance of success in each crowdfunding project.

In addition to a free and easy way to raise money, ClickStartMe provides its users with an online store to sell their products, and holds contests with valuable prizes and trips to exciting locations for its users.

Make sure to stay tuned to OMP, as we bring you additional ways to win your way to Las Vegas to participate in the ClickStartMe Spokesmodel Contest.

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Shooting Amazing Natural Beauty with Dynamic Photography Workshops

If you have ever wanted to explore the best kept secret locations in the entire Southwest United States, now it’s your chance to book the adventure of a lifetime.

The Dynamic Photography Workshop offers the opportunity to work one-on-one with top nude models in spectacular locations. You will spend a week learning from a Master Photographer while helping you take your photography light-years ahead.

Join Kim Weston and Joel Belmont OMP Member #4010 as they guide you deep into the phenomenal landscapes of Lake Powell, Utah – with more shoreline than the entire west coast of the US (over 1900 miles).

Previous attendee, Salvador Andalon from NYC says, “Without a doubt – this adventure changed my perspective on life as a photographer and as a human being. Anyone interested in fine art photography should participate in this workshop.”

As a participant in the Dynamic Photography Workshop, you will experience magnificent slot canyons (NOT the tourist traps of Page, AZ – but the secret ones that no one gets to photograph) as well as massive red rock arches. You will photograph models among historic anasazi ruins from the 1200′s, below towering ‘tapestry’ cliff walls, enjoying sweeping panoramic vistas and more – all surrounded by emerald green water and only accessible by boat.

In addition to focused projects collaborating with models each day, there will be plenty of opportunities to make a wide range of landscape images as well. Camp is set up on location with a luxury 74′ houseboat, and attendees take the 26′ cruiser out to additional locations each day.

You’ll enjoy delectable meals catered to you on location, and get to enjoy evening slideshows, critique sessions, crackling campfires, and a desert night sky you have to see to believe. This is a high-demand event, both weeks quickly sold out last year, so make sure to register now if you would like to experience this amazing adventure.

Visit for more information.

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The successful “Shoot the Centerfold” Seminar/Workshop is Back

Legendary Master photographers Steve Wayda and Jarmo Pohjaniemi OMP Member #68348 welcome you to The Centerfold Memorial Day Weekend Seminar/Workshop in Eleuthera, Bahamas, May 25 – 26, 2013.

If you’re looking for that picture-perfect beach only seen in movies and magazines, look no further, you’ve found it! This incredible and unique location is a dream-come-true location for anyone, whether you’re a photographer or just a tourist. Of course, Shoot The Centerfold is no exception to falling to Eleuthera’s charms because only the very best will do! The very name, Eleuthera, is Greek for the feminine version of the word for “free.”

Enjoy a weekend packed with inspirational Master Classes, In-Depth Seminar/Workshop Demonstrations and learn the magic of natural light supplemented with fill-in strobe/reflector techniques as seen in top publications.

Photograph Playboy Playmates and top modeling agency models seen in top magazines across the world. You are also welcome to bring your own model and photograph her in addition to our models. (All models subject to approval by Shoot The Centerfold.)

We caught up with the STC team and they offered two great reason to attend this event. “One: We are the real deal. We’ve been there, done that, and still doing it after 30 years of being a major part of glamour photography and a dominant voice in publications worldwide. We’re the very same photographers who started what you see in the magazines today. The style you see is uniquely our own. Two: We are master photographers with the rare ability of being able to not only create beautiful images, but also teach photographers what we have gained through years of experience. Our strength is our ability to pass this knowledge on to you. Our goal is to see you become not only a master of your work, but also a success in your business ventures.”

Shoot The Centerfold photographers rank among the most published photographers in the world. They have created a look that has defined glamour photography for three decades, and they continue to do so to this very day. The combined experience of STC photographers in fashion, beauty, editorial and lifestyle speaks for itself and is now what many consider a cornerstone in the world of publishing and international glamour photography.

Be sure to sign-up for this once-in-a-lifetime chance, and take advantage of the STC Early Bird $100 off using code: STC2013EB.

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Traveling Model Brynn Turns Passion Into Full-Time Career

Brynn OMP Model #194702 has modeled for over eight years, and got her start in the business right here on She has been very successful ever since.

“I discovered OMP from a peer of mine that had just found the website as well. She knew that I was looking to get into modeling and thought it would be a great networking tool. Boy, was she right! It’s been eight years now and I can’t believe how far it has taken me. OMP has given me the ability to reach photographers outside of my area. I am a full-time traveling model and it puts me right where they are. This site made it possible to quit a retail day job to live my passion, being a working model!”

The Virginia resident developed artistic ambitions at a very early age. “I have always been creative, and as long as I can remember I’ve had a camera. As I got older everyone told me that instead of being behind the camera, I should be in front of it. Since I started adding photos of myself onto, it has just grown from a tiny little hobby to my passion and full-time job.”

She describes herself as a good all-around model. “I love to be silly and have fun, but I’m very dedicated and committed to my craft. I think I’m very lucky because I started out working closely with some very talented photographers, and they helped me grow in every way possible. I also love pushing myself to new heights, finding that one thing I haven’t done yet and blowing it out of the water.”

Brynn starts to prepare for each photo shoot from the first email that she gets from the photographer. “I get all of the details that I can right away; wardrobe, concept, place and time. I often browse through photos to get ideas for how to portray what the photographer would like to create. The night before I make a list of all of the items I will need to bring and since I mostly do my own hair and makeup, I confirm the look with the photographer.”

During shoots, she relates that, “Models have to put themselves in a special world where no one exists except for who they put in it. Modeling isn’t just about poses, it’s about baring a piece of you for everyone to see by expressing different emotions and telling a story.”

For this brunette beauty, the rewards for modeling are much greater than the challenges. “It’s not easy work, and the touring is really rough; sleeping in hotel after hotel, missing holidays and birthdays, long days and early mornings. But honestly I love the constant travel and meeting a wide range of people. Modeling really is my passion. How many people get to live what they love to do everyday?”

Brynn has some insightful advice for models just starting out. “Research! Get references for photographers that you have never worked with before, and if time permits meet with them over coffee first. That will get you both more comfortable for the shoot, and the awkward stage will wear off faster. Also, expect to shoot for trade or TFP or TFCD (time for prints or a CD of images) at the beginning. You can’t charge right off the bat because you don’t quite know exactly what you’re doing yet.”

She also a constructive suggestion for photographers that will make all models happy. “Models get thirsty and hungry; the day of our shoot we’re normally so busy running around getting ready that we forget to bring snacks. Water and some crackers or pretzels at the shoot is greatly appreciated.”

Brynn’s plans for the near future are to continue traveling full-time for assignments. “My goal as a model is to go as far as I can without regrets. I don’t want to ever look back on my life and say, ‘I wish I would’ve just gone for it.’”

See more images of Brynn on her OMP Portfolio.

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New York Model-Photographer Sarah Ann Strives for Artistic Beauty

Sarah Ann OMP Model #321850 began her career as an art model seven years ago. Since then, she has worked in a variety of styles and has become a versatile veteran in the industry.

She was inspired to expand her talents by a connected colleague. “Through the influence of a celebrity photographer, I expanded my physical and emotional palette to the point where I’m now comfortable with myself in most any setting. From mega-budget high fashion productions to small-scale personal assignments, I do it all and make a point to treat all my work as equal. If I’m there, I give all the effort and enthusiasm I have to give!”

Sarah Ann relates that helps her make the right connections in the business. “The greatest benefit of this site is its abundance of pure, fine art photographers. These artists are seeking not just a standard commercial model who is willing to pose nude, but a model with a sense of grace and formality about them — a model who feels confident with or without garments. It’s a unique community, and allows access for like-minded image makers and subjects to collide.”

The New York-based model enjoys working on all types of assignments. “I have too many favorites! I adore being nude in nature, shooting in exotic locations, working with film photography and mathematically inspired designs. I’ve gotten to do all of these numerous times. I am absolutely blessed and am grateful for every moment of this experience.”

Sarah Ann has some secrets to success when preparing for photo shoots. “Life as a model means, expect the unexpected! I eat well and exercise on a regular basis, whether I have a shoot scheduled or not. My nails are manicured, hair and skin are kept natural at all times. You never know when you’ll get that phone call!”

Modeling has its pros and cons, according to Sarah Ann. “The rewards of a modeling lifestyle are plentiful! The amazing people you have the chance of meeting, the traveling, the creativity and the opportunity it gives you to open doors in industries outside of image-making. However, time is often less plentiful than if I were to have a typical job. Also, I’m rarely home and that can become tiresome.”

Her advice for models just starting out is short and to the point – “Do your research, self-evaluate, and trust your intuition.”

Sarah Ann has also spent time on the other side of the camera as a photographer. She offers several tips for others to remember when working with nude models. “I can safely say it’s much more overwhelming to be capturing a nude subject than to actually be the photographed subject. Be comfortable with yourself and your abilities. If you’re taken back by the ubiquitous, sometimes overwhelming beauty of the female nude form, try to be as emotionally and mentally present as possible. Acknowledge her beauty and with your best abilities create something meaningful and worthwhile. And absolutely above all, communicate!”

To see more of Sarah Ann’s work, visit her OMP Portfolio.

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