Shooting Amazing Natural Beauty with Dynamic Photography Workshops

If you have ever wanted to explore the best kept secret locations in the entire Southwest United States, now it’s your chance to book the adventure of a lifetime.

The Dynamic Photography Workshop offers the opportunity to work one-on-one with top nude models in spectacular locations. You will spend a week learning from a Master Photographer while helping you take your photography light-years ahead.

Join Kim Weston and Joel Belmont OMP Member #4010 as they guide you deep into the phenomenal landscapes of Lake Powell, Utah – with more shoreline than the entire west coast of the US (over 1900 miles).

Previous attendee, Salvador Andalon from NYC says, “Without a doubt – this adventure changed my perspective on life as a photographer and as a human being. Anyone interested in fine art photography should participate in this workshop.”

As a participant in the Dynamic Photography Workshop, you will experience magnificent slot canyons (NOT the tourist traps of Page, AZ – but the secret ones that no one gets to photograph) as well as massive red rock arches. You will photograph models among historic anasazi ruins from the 1200′s, below towering ‘tapestry’ cliff walls, enjoying sweeping panoramic vistas and more – all surrounded by emerald green water and only accessible by boat.

In addition to focused projects collaborating with models each day, there will be plenty of opportunities to make a wide range of landscape images as well. Camp is set up on location with a luxury 74′ houseboat, and attendees take the 26′ cruiser out to additional locations each day.

You’ll enjoy delectable meals catered to you on location, and get to enjoy evening slideshows, critique sessions, crackling campfires, and a desert night sky you have to see to believe. This is a high-demand event, both weeks quickly sold out last year, so make sure to register now if you would like to experience this amazing adventure.

Visit for more information.

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The successful “Shoot the Centerfold” Seminar/Workshop is Back

Legendary Master photographers Steve Wayda and Jarmo Pohjaniemi OMP Member #68348 welcome you to The Centerfold Memorial Day Weekend Seminar/Workshop in Eleuthera, Bahamas, May 25 – 26, 2013.

If you’re looking for that picture-perfect beach only seen in movies and magazines, look no further, you’ve found it! This incredible and unique location is a dream-come-true location for anyone, whether you’re a photographer or just a tourist. Of course, Shoot The Centerfold is no exception to falling to Eleuthera’s charms because only the very best will do! The very name, Eleuthera, is Greek for the feminine version of the word for “free.”

Enjoy a weekend packed with inspirational Master Classes, In-Depth Seminar/Workshop Demonstrations and learn the magic of natural light supplemented with fill-in strobe/reflector techniques as seen in top publications.

Photograph Playboy Playmates and top modeling agency models seen in top magazines across the world. You are also welcome to bring your own model and photograph her in addition to our models. (All models subject to approval by Shoot The Centerfold.)

We caught up with the STC team and they offered two great reason to attend this event. “One: We are the real deal. We’ve been there, done that, and still doing it after 30 years of being a major part of glamour photography and a dominant voice in publications worldwide. We’re the very same photographers who started what you see in the magazines today. The style you see is uniquely our own. Two: We are master photographers with the rare ability of being able to not only create beautiful images, but also teach photographers what we have gained through years of experience. Our strength is our ability to pass this knowledge on to you. Our goal is to see you become not only a master of your work, but also a success in your business ventures.”

Shoot The Centerfold photographers rank among the most published photographers in the world. They have created a look that has defined glamour photography for three decades, and they continue to do so to this very day. The combined experience of STC photographers in fashion, beauty, editorial and lifestyle speaks for itself and is now what many consider a cornerstone in the world of publishing and international glamour photography.

Be sure to sign-up for this once-in-a-lifetime chance, and take advantage of the STC Early Bird $100 off using code: STC2013EB.

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Traveling Model Brynn Turns Passion Into Full-Time Career

Brynn OMP Model #194702 has modeled for over eight years, and got her start in the business right here on She has been very successful ever since.

“I discovered OMP from a peer of mine that had just found the website as well. She knew that I was looking to get into modeling and thought it would be a great networking tool. Boy, was she right! It’s been eight years now and I can’t believe how far it has taken me. OMP has given me the ability to reach photographers outside of my area. I am a full-time traveling model and it puts me right where they are. This site made it possible to quit a retail day job to live my passion, being a working model!”

The Virginia resident developed artistic ambitions at a very early age. “I have always been creative, and as long as I can remember I’ve had a camera. As I got older everyone told me that instead of being behind the camera, I should be in front of it. Since I started adding photos of myself onto, it has just grown from a tiny little hobby to my passion and full-time job.”

She describes herself as a good all-around model. “I love to be silly and have fun, but I’m very dedicated and committed to my craft. I think I’m very lucky because I started out working closely with some very talented photographers, and they helped me grow in every way possible. I also love pushing myself to new heights, finding that one thing I haven’t done yet and blowing it out of the water.”

Brynn starts to prepare for each photo shoot from the first email that she gets from the photographer. “I get all of the details that I can right away; wardrobe, concept, place and time. I often browse through photos to get ideas for how to portray what the photographer would like to create. The night before I make a list of all of the items I will need to bring and since I mostly do my own hair and makeup, I confirm the look with the photographer.”

During shoots, she relates that, “Models have to put themselves in a special world where no one exists except for who they put in it. Modeling isn’t just about poses, it’s about baring a piece of you for everyone to see by expressing different emotions and telling a story.”

For this brunette beauty, the rewards for modeling are much greater than the challenges. “It’s not easy work, and the touring is really rough; sleeping in hotel after hotel, missing holidays and birthdays, long days and early mornings. But honestly I love the constant travel and meeting a wide range of people. Modeling really is my passion. How many people get to live what they love to do everyday?”

Brynn has some insightful advice for models just starting out. “Research! Get references for photographers that you have never worked with before, and if time permits meet with them over coffee first. That will get you both more comfortable for the shoot, and the awkward stage will wear off faster. Also, expect to shoot for trade or TFP or TFCD (time for prints or a CD of images) at the beginning. You can’t charge right off the bat because you don’t quite know exactly what you’re doing yet.”

She also a constructive suggestion for photographers that will make all models happy. “Models get thirsty and hungry; the day of our shoot we’re normally so busy running around getting ready that we forget to bring snacks. Water and some crackers or pretzels at the shoot is greatly appreciated.”

Brynn’s plans for the near future are to continue traveling full-time for assignments. “My goal as a model is to go as far as I can without regrets. I don’t want to ever look back on my life and say, ‘I wish I would’ve just gone for it.’”

See more images of Brynn on her OMP Portfolio.

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New York Model-Photographer Sarah Ann Strives for Artistic Beauty

Sarah Ann OMP Model #321850 began her career as an art model seven years ago. Since then, she has worked in a variety of styles and has become a versatile veteran in the industry.

She was inspired to expand her talents by a connected colleague. “Through the influence of a celebrity photographer, I expanded my physical and emotional palette to the point where I’m now comfortable with myself in most any setting. From mega-budget high fashion productions to small-scale personal assignments, I do it all and make a point to treat all my work as equal. If I’m there, I give all the effort and enthusiasm I have to give!”

Sarah Ann relates that helps her make the right connections in the business. “The greatest benefit of this site is its abundance of pure, fine art photographers. These artists are seeking not just a standard commercial model who is willing to pose nude, but a model with a sense of grace and formality about them — a model who feels confident with or without garments. It’s a unique community, and allows access for like-minded image makers and subjects to collide.”

The New York-based model enjoys working on all types of assignments. “I have too many favorites! I adore being nude in nature, shooting in exotic locations, working with film photography and mathematically inspired designs. I’ve gotten to do all of these numerous times. I am absolutely blessed and am grateful for every moment of this experience.”

Sarah Ann has some secrets to success when preparing for photo shoots. “Life as a model means, expect the unexpected! I eat well and exercise on a regular basis, whether I have a shoot scheduled or not. My nails are manicured, hair and skin are kept natural at all times. You never know when you’ll get that phone call!”

Modeling has its pros and cons, according to Sarah Ann. “The rewards of a modeling lifestyle are plentiful! The amazing people you have the chance of meeting, the traveling, the creativity and the opportunity it gives you to open doors in industries outside of image-making. However, time is often less plentiful than if I were to have a typical job. Also, I’m rarely home and that can become tiresome.”

Her advice for models just starting out is short and to the point – “Do your research, self-evaluate, and trust your intuition.”

Sarah Ann has also spent time on the other side of the camera as a photographer. She offers several tips for others to remember when working with nude models. “I can safely say it’s much more overwhelming to be capturing a nude subject than to actually be the photographed subject. Be comfortable with yourself and your abilities. If you’re taken back by the ubiquitous, sometimes overwhelming beauty of the female nude form, try to be as emotionally and mentally present as possible. Acknowledge her beauty and with your best abilities create something meaningful and worthwhile. And absolutely above all, communicate!”

To see more of Sarah Ann’s work, visit her OMP Portfolio.

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Put Your Favorite Pictures on Display

During a photo shoot, many great images are created, and even though only a few photos of each set will be published, either in print or online, that doesn’t mean all the other images should be forgotten.

Generally, but not always, models will receive a set of images from a photo shot that they can use to promote themselves, as well as other personal use. Having an online portfolio is a definite advantage in the industry, but having a printed book may open additional doors not only for models, but for photographers and other industry professionals.

Technology has allowed the price of custom printing to drop dramatically. It has also made it easier than ever to create a custom printed book. No longer is necessary to print thousands of copies of each item, or to hire a professional graphic designer to put together a file ready to print.

Ready to create your own custom printed book? Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Look for a reliable online print shop (read reviews of their products and service)
  • Choose a photo book that fits your needs (soft-cover vs. hard-cover, etc.)
  • Choose the number of pages and other options
  • Make sure the images you upload are big enough to print (for a 4×6 print at least 1200×1800 pixels)
  • Submit for printing!

The whole process is fast and easy, and the final product is as unique as you. But it doesn’t stop there; you can also create personal photo books for friends and family. Create a vacation book or a personalized cookbook for example, with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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A Consumer’s Guide to Photography Workshops

By: Joel Belmont OMP Member #4010

Joel Belmont is a longtime member from Colorado. He has spent over 14 years in professional photography – organizing and teaching workshops – and working with some of the top instructors in the workshop world, like Kim Weston, Craig Blacklock and Allen Birnbach. Joel has also exhibited fine art photography in galleries and in museums, and curated photographic exhibitions. In this article he shares valuable information about Photography Workshops.

During my many years in photography, I’ve learned that workshops are the subject of much confusion. In fact, people have so many misconceptions about taking photography workshops that I decided to offer this consumer education message, so when you select a workshop – you can make an informed, intelligent decision.


Not necessarily. Being able to create amazing images, and being able to effectively teach someone how to become a better photographer – are very different disciplines. Unfortunately, there are a number of excellent photographers that are not exceptional teachers. Being able to find an instructor that is an excellent teacher is key to getting the most out of a workshop.

A lot of photographers waste valuable time and money watching an instructor spend the majority of a workshop making their own images. Any workshop instructor worth their salt will spend some time teaching by demonstration – but will spend most of the time helping you with your work, and to achieve your own goals. An effective teacher will meet you where you are at, and help you in the way that works best for you.

One great way to get a feel for how a prospective instructor teaches, is to read testimonials from people that have previously attended that workshop. And if there aren’t significant amounts of quality testimonials – you may be wasting your time (and money).

Joel Belmont is the founder of Dynamic Photography Workshops, and leads week-long landscape and nude workshops on Lake Powell, Utah several times a year.  You can learn more about these photographic adventures here:

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Model Advice: Finding Affordable Model Housing in NYC

Moving to New York City to pursue a modeling career can be very rewarding and challenging at the same time. The Big Apple is certainly the epicenter for the modeling industry, but it is also well known, that the city is a very expensive place to live.

Finding an affordable and safe place to live can difficult, and more so for a model on a budget. A great option for models, however, is Model Housing, a safe and affordable environment for aspiring models as well as experienced models.

NYC Luxury Model Housing offers an incredible opportunity to live in a gorgeous apartment building, with breathtaking 360 degree panoramic views. Floor to ceiling windows look out to the city’s skyline, and the spacious interior is modern and comfortable. The apartment features a fully-equipped kitchen, multiple sitting areas, a screening room, an outdoor terrace, and of course, amazing views of New York. The building also offers amenities such as laundry service, a state-of-the art gym, and more.

Years of planning and experience have gone in to make this luxury building available and affordable for models. This luxury apartment is open to all approved and prescreened female models as the housing is available.

The housing is strictly for female models and there are rules in place for the models to follow, this assures a safe and comfortable place to live.

If you are a female model and interested in applying for model housing, tell us a little about your self and explain when you are hoping to relocate to NYC to model. Send a few pictures. Ideally, one full length shot and one close up. Include your current contact information with phone number and current location.

Please email with the above information to find out more about pricing and availability. Take the first step to making your dreams of moving to NYC a reality.

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Career Cues: How to Not Be Late, Rushed, and Flustered

“Career Cues” can help actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and models who are trying to break into movies, television and theatre. We will be offering informative advice on how to prepare and how to win the roles you are going out for.

Whether you are an actor going to an audition, a model heading to a go-see, or a photographer on your way to the studio, you are going to find yourself running late every now and then. It is something we all experience every once in a while. However, by planning ahead, you can avoid stressing out and arrive on time most of the time.

No one likes the feeling of running late for an audition, appointment or call time. Regardless the reason why you’re late, you’re probably already nervous and it’s made worse when you are racing to be on time. What should you do? First, let people know you’re running late. Call or text whoever you are meeting and make sure they know your ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Second, be apologetic but not overly so. You can say you are sorry for not making it on time. But there’s no need to go into all the reasons and excuses why you were late. A simple apology will do the trick.

Third, stay calm and maintain a cool demeanor. You need to stay focused on the goal at hand. Whether you are aiming to impress the director and casting team, or setting up for a photo shoot, concentrate on what needs to get done. Regardless of how late you arrive, everything will go much smoother if you are composed and clear-headed.

Keeping your cool is especially important when you are coming in to read for a TV, commercial, or film casting. Due to the nature of the business, you may not get a lot of notice about the audition. Some actors have been called the morning of the call, and are expected to come that afternoon.

The short lead-time is sure to add to your stress level, but have no fear, the casting people will most likely take that into account and adjust their expectation levels accordingly. Of course, if you come in fresh and ready to go, you will stand out. So think like a boy scout and always be prepared to jump into any casting situation you encounter.

Be ready and perfect. Do not dress as if it were a cocktail party but well dressed. If you want to match your make up with some special accesories. Diamonds are girls’ best friends! But maybe too expensive… Make up is also very important, it makes us feel great and pretty; if you match it with a cool accesorize such as a Kipling Handbags then your outfit will be perfect. Whatever it helps you to feel good it will be one of the most important complements for your outfit because if it makes you feel good, you’ll look good.

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Introducing the OMP Model Comp-Card Display


Introducing the brand-new OMP Model Comp-Card display! With this new feature, models can now show their statistics and display four of their best images simultaneously!

This alternative view is also useful to photographers, agencies and other members of our community.

Having information such as height, measurements, experience, and more, will make it easier to choose the right model for the right job.

To see this new feature in action:
- Login to OMP
- Go to the Models search page
- From the “View” drop-down, choose “Comp Card” instead of “Standard”

Go ahead, try it for yourself and get noticed today!

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New York City Photographer Larry Cameola Tells Visual Stories

Larry Cameola OMP Member #9962 originally started his career as a filmmaker before setting his sights on glamour and sports photography. The resident of New York City is a longtime member of and believes that “photography is an exploration of yourself, and your pictures tell the story.” Read on to hear some of his inspirational stories in this exclusive interview.

OMP: What is your artistic background?

LARRY: I graduated NYU film school in the ’70s with a Fine Arts degree, majoring in cinematography. Out of a class of 500, I was selected to be in a group of 10 students to work as a production assistant on the film “The Seven-Ups” starring Roy Scheider. After graduation, I worked for major beauty firm Avon in photography and video production. I was in charge of producing corporate events such as fashion shows, product launches and financial meetings.

OMP: When did you start doing photography professionally?

LARRY: My father was a commercial and editorial photographer, so we had a darkroom in our house. At age 7, he gave me my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic 110. He often took me on job assignments. I accompanied him on assignments for Life Magazine, Newsweek, Popular Mechanics and American Airlines. I also got to go to rock concerts with the Beatles and Rolling Stones. My first professional job was in 9th grade for a local newspaper “The Publicity News.”

OMP: How did you discover

LARRY: I constantly search the Internet for technology and photography-related sites and user forums. In 2001, I came across through a link on a photo site. I felt it was an excellent site to showcase my work online. I found that I could connect with models on OMP who were both starting out in the business as well as those who were very experienced.

OMP: How has OMP helped you to promote your career?

LARRY: is a perfect way to connect to models without having to use agencies. It allows me the ability to review models, their work and level of experience. It’s an excellent way to showcase your images without building your own site and connect with people interested in the same goals.

OMP: What type of equipment do you use?

LARRY: I use mostly a DSLR Canon 7D, however, I just received a Sony 5N and I am having a lot of fun with it. The possibilities of developing a new style with this camera are very intriguing. Once in a blue moon I go back to film, when I can get my hands on a camera like an old Nikon. It’s fun to go back and use your old discipline and rely on the basics.

OMP: What are your favorite styles of images to shoot?

LARRY: I love to photograph almost anything that I think is interesting and pleasing to my eye – people, horses, cityscapes. I prefer shooting with available light and the challenges it presents. I love covering events like horse racing, fashion shows, shooting stills for movie productions, and especially shooting interesting people that enjoy having their picture taken.

OMP: What is your favorite credit in the industry?

LARRY: I was selected to be a judge for the Annual Daytime Emmy’s for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

OMP: Can you offer some tips for models to remember during a shoot?

LARRY: Well, the first thing — as with any profession — is to enjoy what you’re doing and have fun. Be confident and be real. Understand that even if you don’t get to pursue modeling fulltime, the pictures and experience can be a great experience. You can have a wonderful time just discovering who you are. One more reminder — don’t use a lot of eye makeup, especially black liner — the eyes are the feature that sells.

OMP: What advise do you have for photographers just starting out?

LARRY: Realize that you don’t need the most expensive camera ever made to take great pictures. It takes practice, and an understanding of composition and light. Most importantly, you have to be clear about what you want to say through your images – remember, each picture is a story. The camera is like a musical instrument. Photography is a way of expressing yourself and hopefully showing others how you see things and feel about them.

OMP: Do you look forward to working with more OMP members in the New Year?

LARRY: The last four years have been very tough after two open-heart surgeries. I am now at a point where my health is back and I am full of energy again. I need to get back to what I love. OMP will help me do that. It is the perfect place to meet the right people with the same energy and direction. I have lots of new images and several new projects in the work. can help me realize these goals and further my career.

Check out more of Larry’s work on his OMP Portfolio.

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