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Nude Model Not Welcome at Metropolitan Museum of Art

AP is reporting that New York police arrested a 26-year-old woman yesterday who was posing naked for a photographer — in full view of visitors — in the museum’s arms and armor department. Model Kathleen “K.C.” Neill faces a charge … Continue reading

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NSFW! The OMP Nude Image of the Day!

If you are checking out our blog today from the office, be warned that this post is NSFW, or Not Safe For Work! One Model Place has been selecting an Image of the Day on the site for many years, … Continue reading

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From the Portfolio of Miss California

Controversy! It seems that every beauty pageant these days is fraught with drama. Take the recent Miss USA competition — while Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton won the crown, it is Miss California Carrie Prejean who has stolen the spotlight … Continue reading

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