Photography 101: Working With Models

Photography 101_Working With Models

Working with models might seem like a piece of cake, but it absolutely isn’t if you aren’t prepared. Unlike most other forms of photography, photographing a model involves forming a connection with your subject. So here are our tips on working with models.

Don’t be bossy

You might have a grand vision for the shoot and be the best photographer for the job, but that doesn’t give you the right to be domineering. Be absolutely professional and polite. Instead of commanding the models ask them and ensure their comfort. Especially when they are to perform at a location that involves even the tiniest bit of danger, take their consent and don’t push them if they aren’t comfortable.

Photography 101_Working With Models_Don’t be bossy

Communicate with the model

Tell your models about your vision for the shoot beforehand so they are prepared to pose and express as per the same. Also, listen to them for their ideas and perspective, they might bring up something interesting. Let communication be a two-way street, just the way it is supposed to be. And you’ll be surprised by the ease you and your model share while working together.

Cheer the model up

Sharing a good vibe with the model can change the results of your shoot dramatically. If you set the mood right, the models will open up to you better and you’d get much better work out of them. Give the models a lot of positive feedback, show them the good shots you take, maybe even play their favorite music! Whatever helps you as a team to lighten up. Remember that while its work, you need to have fun too.

Photography 101_Working With Models_Cheer the model up

Don’t treat the model like a prop

This is a big one, and believe it or not many photographers are guilty of doing this. Though this may seem like a given, models are living, thinking, feeling beings just like you. So don’t just go ahead and touch them to adjust their poses or refer to their body parts like they are objects!

Avoid touching the models altogether, and if you absolutely must then seek their permission and be gentle. Also, using derogatory terms or objectifying their body is an absolute no-no. Anything that you say without consideration, can be construed as sexually suggestive or demeaning, so think things out and be respectful. Say you need the model to pop-out their back-side a little, say something like “why don’t you angle your hips a little more towards the camera?”

Get some inspiration

We all have our days when we hit the mental block. But you don’t want to end up saying to the model, “why don’t you try a different pose” after each shot! It’s always better if you direct the models instead of just telling them to keep posing. To ensure you do not run out of ideas during a shoot, save some on your mobile or laptop to refer to.

Photography 101_Working With Models_Get some inspiration

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