Got Hired For A Modelling Job? Here’s What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

After applying and auditioning for numerous modeling jobs, you have got your hands on something great, but how do you ensure such great work keeps coming your way? We have got your back with some quick and easy tips, so here goes!

Be well-rested

Always get proper sleep before a shoot so you can look your best and do your best. Being well-rested isn’t just limited to having a good sleep though, also ensure that you are relaxed, focused and leave all your worries home before stepping out.

Be Well-Rested

Be punctual

Reach the location on or preferably 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Being late makes you look unprofessional. Whereas, getting to the location a little ahead of time makes people want to work with you again. If you are going to be late or need to cancel the shoot for some reason, inform the team and your agency well in advance.

Don’t wear makeup or hair products to the shoot

Until advised otherwise by the client, ensure you do not have any products on. This will help save time that would otherwise go into removing these products and prepping you for the shoot.

Don’t wear makeup or hair products to the shoot

Be nice

Be nice to the team, smile, have fun, work hard and wrap up! Be graceful even if the situation gets tense at times. You’ll cross paths with people who are difficult to deal with but work through it and don’t let the negativity get to you. Make it your mantra to not lose your poise until the shoot is over.

Don’t be a know-all

The team that has been hired for the job, knows their role the best. Just because you don’t like a particular hairdo or look doesn’t mean you can go around advising the team on how to do things. Keep your complete focus on your role.

Be confident

Confidence shows through and so does not having it. You have worked hard and prepared well to get the job in the first place, place trust in your skills and do your best.

Be confident

Don’t go social

You might or might not be under a contract to keep the shoot photos confidential until they are released. But either way, don’t post shoot photos or looks on social media as most photographers, artists and clients do not appreciate their work getting exposed before its intended release.

Now that you know what to do and what not, go ahead, go to that shoot and win the world like the boss babe you are!

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