Let’s begin with a cliché, you cannot become successful overnight, it takes constant hard work. Even though it may seem like one can get randomly spotted by a top-notch agency and become a star, such ideas are far from reality. So let’s real and let’s get down to work.

1. Partner with an agency that fits your needs

There’s a ton of agencies out there but not all of them will offer what you need and many of them might not even be legit. So make a list of agencies and run some research on the kind of work they do, their track record so far, what brands and models they are associated with, etc. Based on your preferences in terms of the type of assignments you wish to work on, choose the agencies that suit your needs. And send over your digitals to these select agencies or attend their open calls.

Some agencies might want to shoot your digitals instead of you getting them shot on your own, so when attending an open call inquire about the same. If the agency requires you to shoot your own digitals, ensure you wear no or very minimal makeup in them along with simple clothes like a tee and a pair of jeans. Excessive makeup, dresses, skirts, cluttered backgrounds and blurs are an absolute no-no for digitals. These shots need to be taken in proper lighting over a plain background and should primarily include – close-ups, both of your side profiles, full-length shots from the front and back.

2. Get a great portfolio shot

In case you decide to be a freelance model, you need to get one shot on your own but if you work with an agency they’ll do it for you. Getting a portfolio shot doesn’t just involve tying up with a photographer and getting photos clicked. It also involves deciding on the mood of the shots based on the type of model you aspire to be. Whether you wish to be a lingerie model, a product model, a swimsuit model or something else, this should be the deciding factor in the type of shots you get clicked. Not that your portfolio shouldn’t be versatile, but it should resonate with the kind of work you are looking for.

Get a great portfolio shot

3. Go social

Brands as well as agencies these days tend to give preference to models that have social media followership that matches their user/client profiles. You don’t need to have hundreds or thousands of followers, it’s more important that you post interesting and relevant content on a regular basis. If you are big on social media, you can also post your own videos or write blogs, they only add to your appeal. Additionally, having a social presence also helps build a network as you can send your social links even to people you cannot approach directly.

4. Keep working on yourself and your skills constantly

Eat right, get your beauty sleep, work out, follow your skin and hair care regime and keep up with your salon appointments. Period. There are no two ways about it.

While you do need to work on how you look, you also need to work on improving your skills. Watch modeling videos, practice posing and walking, learn to do basic makeup and hairstyles, the possibilities are endless.

Keep working on yourself and your skills constantly

5. Stay aware, stay grounded

The world of modeling is a very glamorous one, if you don’t remain aware or let the fame get to your head you will set your career on a downward path. Maintaining your distance from negative people, an extreme lifestyle and addictions will always act for your benefit. And so will being professional at all times. Respond to calls and emails, reach for meetings and shoots on time and stay grounded. No one can get by, by just being good-looking, being grounded and professional are just as essential.

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