Seven Tips about Working with Models That Every Photographer Should Know

When working on photoshoots with models, photographers need some hacks, depending on the occasion. Here are some tips to make your next session a success.

  1. Choose the right model: Be clear about the purpose of your session, the concept and place to know which model is best suited. Take into account their looks, body, complexion, and attitude in front of the camera. 

  2. Explain the concept: models need to know well the concept of the campaign in order to adapt and be able to transmit what is sought. Explain them if it will be a dark or more relaxed shoot.

  3. Give clear instructions: give the necessary directions for the shoot to flow. Models need feedback to know if they are doing a good job. Try to be clear in your instructions and if you need to pose yourself to achieve that perfect picture, do it.

  4. Take a break: Take small breaks between costume changes or light settings, especially during long shoots. This ensures that everyone is in a good mood and working with the best attitude.

  5. Be positive: some models are very shy and find it hard to get in the mood for the shoot. If your attitude is positive and respectful you can help them to loosen up a bit and everything flows much better.

  6. Take care of your team: Take into account the environmental elements present at the shooting location. Make sure your team has everything they need for a successful workday. For example: if you have a photo shoot at the beach in the middle of summer, make sure you have plenty of refreshments and shaded areas to rest from the heat.

  7. BTS pics are beautiful too: Do not stop taking pictures even when the model is not posing. Many times the best shots are achieved when the model is more relaxed, achieving more candid and pleasant photos. In addition, these photos can be part of your portfolio or the model’s.

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