8 Posing tips for the best Photoshoot

Posing for the camera is not so simple. Knowing your angles and knowing how light affects your face and body is vital to achieve the desired result and have an amazing photo shoot.

Here, some tips to pose as a professional and achieve an incredible portfolio:

1. Practice in front of the mirror: know your angles, know how your body looks in certain positions and decide if you like how it would look in a photo, and how the photographer would see it through his lens.

2. Separate you arms from your body to achieve a more slender result. You prevent your body from looking uncomfortable and tight.

3. Understand how light works: try not to interpose between light and you, use it to your advantage and try not to cast a shadow over your face or body. Ask the photographer to guide you to achieve the best result and make the most of the light.

4. Lengthen your neck in front of the mirror and notice how your whole body looks straighter. Although it feels unnatural, the result in the photos is excellent.

5. Keep your hands loose: try to separate the fingers of your hands in a natural way, so that you don’t look tense in the photos.

6. Have fun: if you are wearing a long dress or some fun pattern, move (always being aware of the light) and have a good time with whatever you have around. Be creative and give the photographer more than just rigid and boring poses.

7. Showcase the product: if you are trying to sell a product, make sure your poses don’t hide it, always showing its attributes.

8. Get ideas from magazines and online photos, talk to other models and get tips from their previous work. Do not get carried away by those who say that other models are always your competition and that a friendship is impossible. Support your colleagues and give them your advice to improve.

Final Tip: Browse the photographer and model profiles on OMP to get some inspirations

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