Tips for a successful photoshoot (For aspiring Models and Photographers)

Whether you are a model or a photographer, there are recommendations for a successful photoshoot. From the care of your gear, to the wardrobe, makeup and personal appearance. Take care of every detail so that your session is productive.

If you are an aspiring model

If you want to venture into the world of modeling successfully, there are several tips that you should know to feel comfortable and achieve the result you want so much.

1. When choosing a good photographer, review their work and portfolio. Meet them in person and follow your intuition. It is important that you feel comfortable.

2. Choose in advance the outfits you will use. Make sure they’re clean and ironed. If you do not know what to use, get advice from an image expert. Search for ideas in magazines and the internet.

3. Decide if you will make your photos outdoors or in a studio. If you go for the first option, consider the weather conditions.

4. If you want to use makeup, make sure you have all the necessary implements (and time). If you do not know about makeup, hire a professional makeup artist or a friend who can help you. For men: take care of your beard and facial hair, so that at the time of your session the photos will not show a sloppy beard. A visit to the barber the day before can help you a lot.

5. Practice your poses: find the angles that make you look better in front of the mirror; know your body and what you can do with it so that you look good in your photos.

6. Relax: try to have fun in your photoshoot so that it is reflected in the final work. Concentrate on posing and doing a good job, but without losing the fun. Put on your favorite music and have a good time taking your photos.

If you’re starting as a  Photographer

If you have had enough practice with your camera and feel ready to take a more professional path as a photographer, follow these tips to have a successful photoshoot:

1. Make sure your equipment is in good condition and charged from the night before.

2. Know your customers or models in advance. Having a good relationship and establishing a bond of trust before can make the photoshoot more fluid.

3. If the photo session will be in a studio, investigate the conditions first so you are comfortable. If you consider that the conditions are not the best for your work, recommend the one you like the most.

4. Be clear about the costs: present an honest budget according to your work and experience.

5. Keep your portfolio or web page up-to-date: include the works that you like the most (with model and client authorization) in your portfolio or web page so that future clients can see your work and you can grow your client portfolio.

6. Enjoy: put your favorite music on if your model feels comfortable and enjoy the shoot.

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