Our 7 Favorite Magazine Covers

Magazines Covers

Playboy – October 1971.

The beautiful Darine Stern was the first african-american woman to appear on the cover of Playboy. We loved the light, the smile, and the afro. Later, in 2009, Marge Simpson payed a little homage… and we loved it too.

Rolling Stone – September 1993

This unforgettable Janet Jackson’s cover was shoot without any Rolling Stone’s creative team members involved. The great picture was part of Janet’s album artwork, she offered it to be the cover and Rolling Stone’s Laurie Kratochvil loved it. The rest is history… Magazine amazing history.

Time Magazine – April 14 1997

We all love Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host is always funny, honest, and candid, and this cover didn’t disappoint. She came out as gay on the cover of one of the world’s most important magazines with a big kind smile and we love it.

Beyoncé’s Vogue

She’s not only a queen on stage. Beyoncé’s versatility has made her one of the most powerful women in the world. We love this cover because of its simplicity and elegance.

Vanity Fair – October 2008

An icon, a star, and an unforgettable talent. We love the fact that Vanity Fair put Marilyn Monroe on its 25th anniversary cover and made history for sure.

W Magazine – October 2010

Some love her, some hate her. But Kim Kardashian can pose and she can sell magazines for sure. She made history with this controversial cover with a (very honest) statement.

Lui Magazine – 2014

Rihanna is just being herself and that’s why we love her. This shoot was so controversial, Instagram deleted her account after she posted the pictures, but the Internet is here to save us and let us see her Lui cover for all eternity.

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One Response to Our 7 Favorite Magazine Covers

  1. Jimmy says:

    I am so thrilled about the Magazine covers. I am very much love showing off, by looking at these covers I know how it’s imporant to have a photographer and to take photos natural light and the posing looks great, with my photos I can understand why each shot are different it’s so true to catch a glimpse of what is natural and what is not. It does not matter if the face is happy or sad

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