How to Prepare for a Modeling Audition

What is Expected During Modeling Auditions and Open Calls

There are few things more exiting in the modeling world than getting a call for an audition. All of us want our meetings to go smoothly and look as beautiful as ever, but there are some tips to make this process easier for you. We have a few tricks on how to best prepare yourself for that audition or open call you might like to attend.

Be Prepared:

Always arrive at least 15 minutes early and be ready to fill out a modeling application. Ensure you bring your headshots and resumes to leave behind as well; they act as your business card in the modeling industry. You can bring them separately, but it will be best to bring an 8.5×11 headshot with your resume printed directly onto the back. Always arrive with your hair and makeup ready, most chances are you will be photographed.

What to Expect During Modeling Auditions:

Model agents look for certain traits when auditioning new talent. These include: Personality, camera ready appearance, maturity and ability to take direction. An agent will also look for an understanding of the industry’s vocabulary, so be prepared to recognize important words and lingo of the industry.

What to Expect During the Selection Process:

You will normally be given a brief explanation of the industry and the specific job. Most agencies will explain how they operate, make sure to ask any questions you may have at this time. The modeling agent will also define what the current modeling industry needs are. These are based on different market demands.

What to Expect When Being Accepted:

After a modeling audition, if the modeling agent feels that the applicant does not meet market demands, he/she will suggest that the applicant come back for a new audition in 6 to 12 months. The agent makes this recommendation based on how ready the model is when they first meet with them. Sometimes the agent may make suggestions to applicants to help further their career.

If the agent feels that the applicant is an ideal candidate, the next steps you will encounter are as follows: Filling out the necessary paperwork, and gathering marketing materials.

What to Expect Regarding Having Professional Photographs Taken:

The agency will find what works best for you. They usually have a variety of photographers to recommend, with a range of price points to fit your budget. The agency can also recommend a photographer that will work best with your style, goals and personality.

… In Short, this is what most agencies will expect:

- We expect the model to be a representation of our agency

- We expect all models to the highest level of professionalism

- We expect the model to understand what it means to always be ready.

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