Q&A with Model – Jade Amber (OMP ID: 406737)

Portrait Bikini Photo of Jade AmberIf you aren’t familiar with the incredibly beautiful and talented Jade Amber (OMP ID: 406737), it’s time to take notice. Jade has been an OMP member since 2009 and is a true success story. Not only is she a fantastic model, she is a true pro in the industry. A model that any photographer or client would be lucky to work with.

We managed to get a few minutes out of her busy schedule to pick her brain about her modeling career.

OMP: Thanks so much for answering our questions today! So to start, how long have you been modeling for?
JADE: Thanks for having me! I’ve been modeling for about thirteen lovely years now.

OMP: How did you get into modeling?
JADE: I entered an LA Looks Hair Gel Contest out of a Teen Magazine and I placed in the top fifteen out of two hundred and fifty thousands girls and I was one of the ten that wasn’t selected, but LA models signed me and started flying my mom and me to and from LA! Awesome experience for a young girl.

Are you currently signed with anyone?
JADE: I am non-exclusive with a few agencies and am getting ready to sign with Wilhelmina.

OMP: What do you do as far as diet and exercise?
JADE: I do 6 days a week of working out with at least 30 minutes of cardio. I eat very clean, lots of greens and chicken.

OMP: Has OMP been beneficial to your modeling career?
JADE: Absolutely! OMP has helped me meet some amazing people in the industry who have booked me for work or who have referred me to others for work.

Black and White Bikini Shot of Jade AmberOMP: What is a perfect photographer like for you?
JADE: Someone who is professional in their career and strives for success as I do. A photographer that can see a vision beyond just a beautiful woman.

OMP: If you could go back and start all over again, would you?
JADE: I would not, I’ve been very blessed with the people who have supported me and I know this is only the beginning for me (big smile).

OMP: Do you do anything before a shoot to prepare?
JADE: Yes, I search out concepts and investigate who I will be working with just to make sure they’re on the level. I also crack down on my eating and working out prior to.

OMP: Where would your dream shoot be?
JADE: I’ve always wanted to shoot in Greece. I have no doubts that it will happen (big smile).

OMP: Where is the coolest place you’ve ever shot?
JADE: Absolutely would be South Africa!! So amazing! A two week journey and the adventure of my life!

OMP: Have you ever been scammed? Do you have any tips to avoid scammers?
JADE: I can’t say that I have. I’m very particular with who I work with and I do a lot of research.

OMP: Do you bring an escort to your shoots?
JADE: I have, but not always and I try to never take a boyfriend, it can be conflicting.

OMP: Have you ever dealt with an inappropriate photographer? If so, how did you know it was time to leave?
JADE: I can’t really remember a time, but if I had to deal with that, I would just be professional, do my job then address it afterwards. If it’s too inappropriate, I’d have to address it then and if the shoot ended over it, then so be it. If you’re not professional, I’d rather not work with you.

OMP: Do you have any tips for a model who is just getting started?
JADE: Be careful what you shoot and who you shoot with. Do your research on the photographer and make sure that you’ll be safe.

OMP: Thanks so much for talking with us today, we really appreciate it!
JADE: Thank you!

To see more of Jade’s work, view her profile here, www.onemodelplace.com/jadeamber , or go to her website at www.jade-amber.com

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