Grunge Fashion: The Attitude

Written by – Stephan Pisko, M.mpL. – Metaphysical Photographic Life- OMP#25261

Grunge Image #1The grunge look is a little more difficult to pull off if you don’t possess the ‘honest attitude’ it’s harder to do than it visually seems and some personalities’ are just more suited to execute the ‘grunge look’ than most. It is not about protesting anti-fashion it’s about ‘who you are’ do you know yourself honestly ‘are you that attitude ?’ same is true in casting a film: ‘Is that the right role for that particular character and personality ‘. Everything must click personally and honestly or it just looks like some person wearing used ratty grungy type clothing so ‘out of place’ that it looks feels absurdly stupid.

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana notoriety pushed the grunge phenomenon to full fruition he was the correct personality and character for this ‘uncreated look’ it just developed on it’s own Kurt did not place (or) force any intent in creating this fashion movement he usually slept over at his friends’ places’ with his clothes on which I feel aided in the unknowing development of the grunge look blended with his stamped lifestyle of ‘come as you are’ not ‘as you aren’t’.

Grunge Fashion Image 2

Grunge is ‘normal working class’ creativity. It birthed out of the small working hero town of Aberdeen, Washington, Kurt Cobain’s hometown, not 5th Avenue New York (or) Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, but you will see it visually in these places. No doubt it’s just too easy not to. Grunge is, “I’m comfortable with the way I am too bad you’re not”. It is a positive depression …. a general laziness …. a used fabricated attire and was given blissful birth through painful Aberdeenish greys. Cobain was the catalyst that effortlessly smudged neurotic attitudes into the grimy crude that is Grunge fashion.

Grunge Fashion Image 3

Model – Noella Nykyforuk – OMP #1005109
Photographer – Stephan Pisko, M.mpL. -Metaphysical Photographic Life- OMP#25261

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