Best Spotless and Saving Makeup and Hair Tips for Spring

By: Natalia Zurawska
Natalia Zurawska has been a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist for the last 10 years. If you would like to see more of her work, visit her website at Natalia has recently come out with a makeup e-book entitled “I’m Not Making This Up. It features all of the best makeup beauty tips and tricks that she has learned over the years to save you time and money. It is available on Amazon ( as well as Smashwords (

Spring is coming up and beauty products should not be ignored. Here are some great tips to keep all your makeup and hair supplies in great order as well as some great tips to save you money.

  1. When in doubt, throw it out.
    If it smells funny, the texture is off or you haven’t used it in a year, chances are you mostly likely won’t. Make a pile for makeup you rarely use and throw the rest out.

  3. Have a makeup and hair product trade party with your friends. Not only does it feel great to get rid of product, you will get product that you will use. Win- Win for all.

  5. Spray all eye shadows, and powder makeup with alcohol min 70%. Powder makeup stays intact for ages. I like to spray my powders, eye shadows and blushes every few months and clean the containers frequently. This is also a great tip if any of your powders break. Simply spray the rubbing alcohol, create a paste and leave open to dry. It will be back together!

    Best tips – if you have remnants of bronzer and powder, you can create a highlight/contour in one by crushing the powders and placing each (on either side) in a compact container. Spray with alcohol and make a paste. Allow to dry.

  7. Wash makeup brushes weekly. I wash my brushes after every use for hygiene purposes. If it is only you using them, once a week is great. Use a mild shampoo or dish detergent. I also like to use conditioner. The Tresemme Naturals collection cleans so well, smells great as well as moisturizes without any reside. Rinse well and shape. Lay flat to dry so the water doesn’t run into the glue of the handle and loosen it.I love the brushes by Cover FX. The foundation brush is especially fantastic. The bristles are very dense in amount, soft and blend so well. The result is flawless.


    There are many ways you can store your brushes. Here are just a few cute ways. Use colored sands or silica gel to match the décor of your room.

  8. Use a tail comb such as the one by to clean scraggly hair out of hair brushes weekly. Wash hairbrushes with shampoo and allow to dry.

    Cleaning hair tools is easy by using alcohol wipes while the irons are hot. Swipe the alcohol wipe through a few times to get rid of any product residue.

  9. Make a palette easily with lipsticks. There is so much lipstick still left in the container after it looks flat on the surface. Simply scrape out the remnants with anything you have on-hand that would work. An orange stick for manicures works well. Place lipsticks in a little medicine container, which you can get in most dollar stores or pharmacies. Clear works best as you can see the colors. Melt in the microwave for about 20 seconds until melted. Add 5 seconds until melted. If you like, label away. You can always create new colors by mixing and melting lipsticks together. M.A.C offers an amazing recycling program. If you return 6 containers, you get a free lipstick and there are more options in the M.A.C Pro stores.

  10. Organize makeup and hair tools. This order works well for me. Top shelf has cotton pads (I cut them in half for double the uses), q-tips, and face wash, moisturizer. Second shelf is foundation, concealer, eye shadows, blush, mascara, powder and lipsticks/glosses. The bottom shelf is medication, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss.Hair items tend to be bigger and heavier hence I like to place them at the bottom. Hair products come next and last hair tools.Keep makeup and hair tools in a cool, dry place.

  12. Regardless of how much you want to spend and how big your space is, here are some great options. Baskets also work well.

    Ikea, Walmart and Target are all great places to find great stuff.

    I hope you have enjoyed this blog! More to come soon ;)

    Natalia Zurawska


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