One of OMP’s photographers, Jarmo Pohjaniemi (OMP ID: 68348), recently interviewed the super sexy Joy Corrigan, a model for the upcoming SHOOT THE CENTERFOLD seminar scheduled March 22 – 23, 2014 in Miami Beach. See more details on the seminar here.


Originally born in Finland, Jarmo started out his illustrious career as a fashion photographer shooting in Paris, Milan, Munich, and New York. From there, he went on to work for Playboy, spending over a decade shooting some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Jarmo is also the creator and backbone of the popular Shoot The Centerfold educational photography community that offers world class seminar workshops with instruction from top photographers. Shoot The Centerfold specializes in educating photographers on camera techniques, lighting, and the publishing business. Jarmo has also been introducing photographers to the world of moving pictures and video production with a support rig he invented called the STC Shooter, which has recently been used to shoot a promo for mega director Michael Bay’s hit TV series, “Black Flags.”


The lovely Miss Joy is currently in South Africa on modeling assignments, but Jarmo wanted to catch up with her despite her busy schedule and get a brief interview because there is much more to Joy than meets the eye. Not only is she a world class working model who travels the international modeling circuits, but also a perfect choice for our upcoming seminar based on her abilities to deliver a one-two punch with her everlasting sexy impressions (Joy’s a true knock-out!). Not only that, she’s also intelligent, articulate and very observant. Joy is the perfect choice for the Shoot the Centerfold seminar because she understands both sides of the camera and can work with photographers of all levels, from beginner to professional. Her experience and instincts are superior. If she knew photography, it’s possible many more of us would be looking for work because this girl – excuse us, lady – knows her stuff!

Jarmo: First, thank you for accepting our offer to participate in our March seminar experience; we are very excited to have you in front of the cameras. Second, what’s been happening in the life of our busy model? Any interesting shoots or stories you’d care to share with us?

Joy: I’m so glad that I was asked to be part of this seminar! And I am really looking forward to meeting all the new photographers as well as the more experienced ones! One of the cool things about my job is being able to travel and meet new people, so this is definitely one of those trips I can’t wait for! Every shoot is different, and can be interesting in a way, but yesterday was super cool because I was airbrushed golden and green to look like an African goddess/angry panther! I’m sure it’s hard to picture, but it was shot for a wine campaign and I’m sure it will all make sense when it comes out!

Jarmo: You are currently in South Africa; tell us, how does modeling differ over there than to the US market?

Joy: Cape Town SA is like the Miami Beach of the other side of the world! It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been, so getting a chance to work here is a blessing! But there are a few differences for sure, its a lot more relaxed here in South Africa. Let’s just say, sometimes I forget if I’m vacation or at work! But I’m not complaining (; Not to mention they have summer the same time the US has winter!

Jarmo: In the ‘90s, many top European fashion houses came to Miami for their shoots (and still do), but it seems that South Africa has become a sort of modeling mecca as well. Do you agree?

Joy: Yes, I totally agree, I think it is sometimes may be easier for Europeans to travel to SA then all the way to Miami. And SA is getting more safe then it’s ever been, which encourages models to travel here from all around the world. So, you get the best of both worlds, literally. Stunning girls and beaches! But don’t rule out Miami completely, it’s the one beach warm enough to swim in, unlike the super-cold water here, and I also have heard that Miami is ranked number one for Most Beautiful Girls, but I guess you will have to check out both places to compare!

Jarmo: You are very well known in the modeling circuits around the world and it is a dream to work with you. Why is it that we cannot get enough of Joy Corrigan?

Joy: Haha! That’s a hard question to answer because I’m just happy living my dream. I hoped for the best, but I would have never expected this kind of success. So, if you guys can’t get enough, maybe I’ll have to blast you with some more selfies and BTS pics from around the world!

Jarmo: You are a fashion model with a glamour twist. It goes without saying that women love fashion, but how does glamour fit into it? Would you rather do fashion or glamour, or does it matter?

Joy: Haha! That’s a hard question to answer because I’m just happy living my dream. I hoped for the best, but I would have never expected this kind of success. So, if you guys can’t get enough, maybe I’ll have to blast you with some more selfies and BTS pics from around the world!

That sounds great! We’d love to see them! We know you are a fashion model with a hint of glamour thrown in. It goes without saying that women love fashion, but how does glamour fit into it? Would you rather do fashion or glamour, or does it matter?

It’s hard to say. I actually love being in front of the camera (as if you haven’t noticed! lol), so it comes down to the goal for the shoot and the team that with which I’m working! I love being sexy, but who says you can’t be sexy and still sell clothing? I love to smile, but if the shoot calls for a pouty look, I’m in! Shooting is just like acting; it’s just like telling a story in front of the camera. I think some models feel more comfortable with a certain type of shoot, so they become categorized as that type of model, but I am equally comfortable in both styles! So, let’s just say, I can’t decide – I love both!

Jarmo: You were a model for a recent STC One-on-One session and made an everlasting mental impression with your ability to blend glamour with fashion. Would you say the fashion industry is increasingly integrating glam into their layouts?

Joy: Yes, and I think it goes the other way, also. The glamour industry is integrating fashion into their shoots as well! It’s always nice to look at a stunningly perfect photo, so why not add a little glamour and beauty into a fashion shoot so you get something that is appealing to the eye in every way!

Jarmo: It seems to us that many more publications are allowing nudity than that they did ten years ago. What’s your take on all this, and would you pose nude if the assignment called for it? Where does nudity in fashion cross the line into glamour, or does it?

Joy: I actually think that fashion calls for nudity a lot more than we realize. It’s ok for fashion models to pose nude as long as its “high fashion,” but the publications sometimes look down upon nudity if it’s done in a sexy, glamorous manner. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, but it does seem like nudity is accepted more and more every day. I think a photo can be just as revealing with or without clothes, so why not keep it classy and beautiful either way! I still don’t think I could pose nude myself, but I definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with other models that do!

Jarmo: What kind of shoots are your favorites, direction and style-wise?

Joy: Some of my favorite shoots are ones where you go in with no expectations and you come out being tremendously surprised! Just like shooting something I have never shot before. This is so exciting when you get to use your past experiences and incorporate them into a whole new concept!

Jarmo: You seem to be doing lots of swimsuit work (duh) and with a body like yours, it’s a no-brainer! How important is it to have the right bikini when modeling?

Joy: I think, more importantly, you need to have the right bikini body! If you are in shape, most bikinis will look great on you! It’s always good to make sure that the bikini goes right with the setting as well, but that is usually done by a stylist. If there is no stylist on board, then I like to try a bikini on and take a few test shots to see how it looks. You would be surprised how styling and makeup can look so different after you look at it on a big screen!

Jarmo: What do you like to do when you’re not modeling? Any hobbies? Interests? Guilty pleasures?

Joy: Yes! I love to paint and I’m really into art, so I’ve always got one or two paintings I’m working on at a time! I think being artistic is fun; you can pour out your emotions onto a canvas. I’m also a very active person; sometimes even after a long day of work, you will find me in the gym punching a bag or jogging along the boardwalk!

I also love to learn about nutrition and cook healthy, but delicious meals, including Italian-style homemade gluten-free pizza, or fresh wild-caught ceviche topped with sliced mango and fresh cilantro. So, when I’m not working, I’m probably in the kitchen experimenting and cooking up something good! Some of my guilty pleasures include shopping, eating jalapeños, and posting on Instagram! On a typical Friday night you will most likely find me, cuddled up on the couch, with a huge bowl of spicy truffle popcorn, watching movies and gossiping with my sisters!

Jarmo: What do expect to see during our two day seminar/workshop experience?

Joy: I would love to see new talent pursuing their dreams! Just like me when I started with my career, you can learn so much just by sitting back and taking it all in! Luckily, I’ve had the chance to work with extremely talented people in the past, whom I have learned so much from. And, I am still learning new things every day, but without knowledge from the professionals, it’s so hard to advance in this industry!

Jarmo: You will be meeting many photographers during the seminar. As a professional model, do you have any advice for the attendee photographers?

Joy: Yes, just be like a sponge and soak up everything! You will be surprised how much you can learn from a fellow photographer or model. Some of the most talented people are going to be at this seminar, so just talk and most importantly, listen. ;) Oh, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If there ever is a time to push your limits, it’s going to be at the STC seminar!

Jarmo: In your opinion, what’s your best asset, physically and personally?

Joy: Haha, this is a good question, because I’m the most critical of myself. I love my smile and I love to smile! I would also have to say that reading people is another one of my great assets. I think it probably comes from experiences in the past, but it’s hard for someone to put one over on me. And if you think your getting away with something, it’s probably because I want you to think that! lol ;)

Jarmo: Do you get bored easily in photoshoots if the photographer does not have his game together?

Joy: Yes, that is why it is good, as a photographer, to always come prepared! Have a plan, have the right equipment, and most importantly, have the right team. I’ve been at shoots before that have taken five times longer then they should have. If only the photographer had had his game together, I’m sure it would have run a lot smoother.

Jarmo: One of the reasons out of the hundreds we can think of and why we approached you to participate in our seminar is your ability to work with and understand emerging photographers, a quality that very few models possess. The best way to describe it is that you seem to have the gift of guiding photographers and giving them the confidence they need (as well as some excellent images!). Do ever work with photographers in the professional industry who do not necessarily know everything to the point you have to fill in the blanks?

Jarmo: One of the reasons out of the hundreds we can think of and why we approached you to participate in our seminar is your ability to work with and understand emerging photographers, a quality that very few models possess. The best way to describe it is that you seem to have the gift of guiding photographers and giving them the confidence they need (as well as some excellent images!). Do ever work with photographers in the professional industry who do not necessarily know everything to the point you have to fill in the blanks?

Jarmo: With a figure like yours, almost every shot during a photoshoot will be a keeper. That being said, how important is it to know how to pose properly?

Joy: Haha! Thanks! But I think it doesn’t matter how great someone’s figure is – if they are shot at the wrong angle, they can look completely different. I try to pose to get the perfect shot, but sometimes that perfect shot is when you’re not even posing. It’s good to have the freedom to move knowing that the photographer will delete those not so perfect shots, and make sure to hold on to the keepers! It’s almost like a dance with the photographer and model, once you’re in the same rhythm, it’s easier to come up with magical results!

Jarmo: Due to your superior abilities and extensive experience, it’s possible for you to actually control the direction of the shoot. Do you sometimes take the lead, or do photographers have the final say, regardless of their experience?

Joy: When I am working on a job, the photographer will most likely give direction, but I will always speak up if there is something I notice that’s not right. Most of the time, the photographer is happy to hear feedback and wants the model to feel comfortable. If everyone is not fully comfortable and happy on a shoot, it’s going to be a lot harder to achieve that goal.

Jarmo: If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing instead?

Joy: I think I would have to be doing something exciting and risky, I definitely could not be sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day. Maybe I would be an FBI agent or a fashion designer, or even start my own restaurant! So many possibilities, but it is hard for me to picture myself doing anything else right now!

Jarmo: What’s the best modeling gig you’ve done so far? We know that there are many, but tell us about your favorite one? How about the weirdest one?

Joy: Can I say the One-on-One session with Shoot The Centerfold? lol Or, do you mean other than that experience? Ok, so this is a hard one because there are so many incredible shoots so far! However, shooting in Cancun, Mexico as one of the mermaids for Montoya Swimwear was definitely one of my favorites! Getting to shoot with best friends and the rest of the Montoya Family on gorgeous beaches was an incredible experience to remember! And, luckily, I haven’t had any shoots that were too weird, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Jarmo: Do you still enjoy modeling, or has it become just a way of making a living and a business?

Joy: Yes! I love it! It gets better and better all the time! It seems like the more time you put into it, the more it pays off! I’m super-blessed and thankful for every day I get to shoot, I hardly look at it as a job. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work, but absolutely rewarding! Who wouldn’t want to travel to awesome locations, meet cool and artistic people, and get to live your dream?

Jarmo: Where would you like to visit, modeling-wise, if you could choose any location in the world?

Joy: Next up: Paris and London! But places I haven’t been to that I would love to visit are Australia, Japan and Thailand!

Jarmo: If you could create a dream photographer, which qualities and talents would he or she have?

Joy: A dream photographer is someone you can laugh with, have fun with, but someone who also knows how to get down to business! Also, being professional is very important, so that I can feel comfortable enough to let loose and know that he or she is going to capture that winning shot!

Jarmo: What’s your take on working with female photographers? How do they differ from the male counterparts? They say that female photographers seem to be more interested in the results rather than the process. In your experience, is this true?

Joy: Working with female photographers is no different then working with male photographers, it comes down to the individual person and how they operate. In my experience, I think female photographers are just as excited about the process as well! Some of the best photographers are female photographers, and sometimes they are overlooked. For me, it’s how I can relate with that individual, whether they are female or male. So bring it on female photographers, I would love to see more in the industry!

Jarmo: What can our attendee photographers learn from you during our seminar experience? Any tips?

Joy: I hope the attendee photographers can learn how to feel more comfortable behind the camera. I also hope that I can give them more confidence so that when they leave the conference they are going to start shooting like a pro! Tips: Enjoy yourself, be confident, and shoot everyday!

Jarmo: From a model’s perspective, what advice can you give photographers on how to become successful when working with models?

Joy: Whenever you are working with a model, make sure to keep it at a professional level. Models want to know that you take them seriously, so try not to hit on the models. Always keep an open mind to what the model has to say; you would be surprised what you can learn. Oh, and don’t be shy either, models like some direction or feedback while shooting. After hard work and perseverance, soon you will have success in your pocket!

Jarmo: Are you able to tell right away if you’re working with an inexperienced photographer? How can you tell? Are there any clues that tip you off or send up a red flag?

Joy: Yes, I can pretty much can tell after meeting them. If they start bragging about the shoots they’ve done in the past it sends up a big red flag. I would rather work with a new, talented photographer who is willing to learn any day! Oh, and an experienced photographer always has a plan together for the shoot before it’s ever started!

Jarmo: How was your One-on-One session experience with Shoot The Centerfold?

Joy: Let’s just say it was a shoot I will never forget!! I had an amazing time shooting with Doug Hill who was being shadowed by one of the best photographers in the business, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, so you know it had to be incredible shoot! Not to mention, getting my hair and make-up done with the incredibly talented Mary Alejo, who also did all the styling; this was a way to guarantee that the pictures were going to come out perfectly! And they did!! I also had a blast shooting, because it was a fun and relaxed environment. This dream team had everything on point. I never had to worry about the lighting, make-up, or camera angles because I knew I was in good hands! Oh, yeah, and one of the best parts was the end result; stunning pictures!

Jarmo: If one or more photographers from our upcoming seminar would like to work with you, would you be interested in providing an after-seminar assignment opportunity?

Joy: Yes, of course! After my first experience shooting a One-on-one with STC, I’m down to work with any new comers who want to widen their horizon!

Jarmo: In your professional opinion, what’s wrong with the modeling and photography industry today?

Joy: I think, despite how corrupt this industry can be, it is starting to change for the better! Recently, I’ve noticed that the industry is promoting healthier-looking girls, and a prime example of this is supermodel Kate Upton. I’ve even heard that in some countries, they are starting to ban retouched photos in some advertisements unless it is stated. This could be good in a way because it can help young girls understand that being a model takes a lot more than just being a pretty face.

Jarmo: What is your New Year’s resolution?

Joy: My New Year’s resolution is to be 100% Organic! I know it’s hard because most restaurants and grocery stores don’t offer organic produce, but I’m still going to try my hardest to stay healthy this upcoming year by only using organic produce. I also want to read more! I always feel like I can never finish a book, so this upcoming year I want focus more on reading in my free time. (:

Jarmo: Do you ever shoot pictures besides blow kisses via iPhone? (Yes, we have been snooping around your FB and Twitter accounts… :) )

Joy: Haha! Yes I sure do!! But who doesn’t like kissy faces? I love blowing kisses! hehe (: But since you mentioned it, I’ll add that on to my New Year’s resolution list; take more diverse selfies! lol BTW, here’s a good question for the STC community: What do you guys want to see me post more of?

Jarmo: Well, let’s not spill all the beans just yet. But we are confident that any image you post will be delicious and sexy. Good things come to those who wait… for the March 22-23, 2014 seminar/workshop, where Joy will show us how it’s done! Are you ready???

If you’re interested in the seminar and meeting Joy, register now. Hurry to take advantage of the early bird pricing. Prices will increase after Dec 31st.

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