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Spirit Through the Fluid Transparency – Image #5

Spirit Through the Fluid Transparency - Image #5

Spirit Through the Fluid Transparency – Image #5

Vision quests ingenuity which stirs the physical to create with platonic quality as being indiscernible and attracts to make a visual creation vibrantly translucent we cannot see the ‘spirit within the transparency’ but we can see it’s contents throughout. The Fluid Transparency is recognizing the immortal that is you raised to a ‘separate visual compendium’ it is not an image but is a ‘showing’ possessing a name within it’s physical mounting but when revealed through the fluidity it ‘pours in & out’ of form ‘changing & becoming’ continuing on even when the name has fled and show has ceased.

Within the fluidity is ‘sightlessness’ but through the fluidity is a passage penetrating a vivid verity of one’s self with remarkable serenity but we must experience being within the ‘fluid sightless’ before we can go through the ‘fluidity of insights’. It is ascending over the ‘fence of ourselves’ as we are the only ones who keeps us within these boundaries genuine vision is crystalline with sparkling revelations of self-created enclosures like ego – greed, etc.

This flower image I feel comes the absolute nearest in identifying a ‘metaphysical way of seeing’ as we have the fluidity of form – color – content blending overlapping with the unexplainable it is a ‘momentary flash of the transparency’ that spirit flows through when the physical passes.

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