Metaphysical Photographic Life Way of Seeing

Stephan Pisko, M.mpL. – OMP #25261

The equation for this different way of seeing is: (quandary + psychology + quantum thinking + philosophy + metaphysics + unexplainable = metaphysical photographic life).

The art of not “looking at” but “seeing through” in simple terms you cannot “look at a window” you are bound to “see through it” to the other side, this probably in the simplest of terms, is the best physical description of metaphysical seeing.

There is another element within this equation called a ‘mental discipline’ that greatly assists with this visual transformation depending on the individual’s artistic passion and intensity but for the time being I will leave it under ‘psychology’ because it is personal.

This ‘new age’ metaphysical way of seeing was subliminally transported to me through an osmosis within writing that I could not stop the literary force digging deeper probing past the physical on route to something that I could not explain with words so I went beyond the words and applied that principle to photography going beyond the camera.

My written work over the past (25) years is only a forum and within this opus, there is a covering, when the concealment opens up, it is you’re visualization via self-introspection and the medium of the camera that you come to understand ‘genuine semantics uncovers without cognizance’.

Photography for this inspiring era exceeds this expansive word (photography) and ventures past ‘the object’ the mechanical machine (camera) by which is produced a so called ‘perfect flawless image’. Photography for the new millennium is a ‘spiritually healing realization’ and there is much more that comes into the ‘picture of photography’ than previously visualized.

Photography is a metaphysical extend to the ulterior phenomenon of the fluid transparency this ‘metaphysical photographic life’.

Metaphysical Extend to the Ulterior Phenomenon of the Fluid Transparency - Image #1

Image #1 – “Metaphysical Extend to the Ulterior Phenomenon of the Fluid Transparency”- Within this flowing moment we have a metaphysical extend, a venturing beyond what is apparent, a pond that has turned to ice but we can still see through to the other side within this Fluid Transparency mirroring the tree twig, leaves and pond plants. Ice is solid but you can see through to the other side it exhibits mystical qualities and shapes it’s own shapes. Ice is water that has gone ‘inside it’s fluid body’ but has captured whatever it has last touched subsequently this has formed a clear identity with whatever it embraces, this to me is an outreaching communication that tells the story of the flow and this is where water ‘disports a hidden resolve’ at the precise moment where flowing/ non-flowing intersect where once water was only liquid now it separates to become a solid form this is a ‘transcending transition’.

Mental Discipline Via Self Introspection - Image #2

Image #2 – “Mental Discipline Via Self Introspection” -There is much accent placed upon the peripheral the ‘outside of things’ where truly the ‘archetype is the intrinsic’ if it were as obvious as looking at the extraneous the ‘realm of creativity’ would not collar the affection of where it originally came into existence.

Within this image we have the subject examining self where the creativity resides not the superficial outward environment of the peripheral where the concentration of essentials is non-existent.

Metaphysic Quandary - Smashing the Test Tube - Image #3

Image #3 – “Metaphysic Quandary – Smashing the Test Tube” – The ‘infinity quandary’ the visual equation that initially charts a path to the unknown through a ‘transference of time’. The chemist works with chemicals to produce a ‘reaction’ while the photographic-artist works with fluidity to produce a ‘generation’. The artist deals with ‘imponderable appearances’ while the chemist produces the ‘tangible reaction’ in a glass and the ‘imperceptible phases’ in the mind. The artist is always dealing with a ‘tangible light’ in the mind but when outwardly displayed generates a ‘fluid intangibility’ but since the artist cannot produce creation must stick to a visual ability and adapt to a fluid movement that generates the tactile into a metaphysic as this is the only way an artist can mimic creation by taking form through fluidity then generating this flow into something intangible.

This image displays a ‘smashing of the infinity quandary’ within the fluid intangibility to produce a generation that mimics creation with a myriad of unexplainable appearances.

Science of Seeing Don/'t Look At See Through - Image #4

Image #4 – “Science of Seeing” – Don’t Look At See Through – Metaphysical seeing is an ‘absorbed bearing’ of the individual as he/she perceives perception. The word instinctive surfaces with this particular kind of vista and is accompanied with pensive feeling it is a linking into self-knowledge a ken that belongs to the entire universe at ‘one glance’ the “seeing through” rather than “looking at”.

The subject is “seeing through” with pensive feeling trying to communicate this ‘absorbed bearing’ a knowing that belongs to the entire universe as the backdrop of this perception determined by a natural impulse the “Science of Seeing”.

Spirit Through the Fluid Transparency - Image #5

Image #5 – “Spirit Through the Fluid Transparency” – Within the fluidity is ‘sightlessness’ but through the fluidity is a passage penetrating a vivid verity of one’s self with remarkable serenity but we must experience being within the ‘fluid sightless’ before we can go through the ‘fluidity of insights’. It is ascending over the ‘fence of ourselves’ as we are the only ones who keeps us within these boundaries genuine vision is crystalline with sparkling revelations of self-created enclosures like ego – greed, etc.

This flower image I feel comes the absolute nearest in identifying a ‘metaphysical way of seeing’ as we have the fluidity of form – color – content blending overlapping with the unexplainable it is a ‘momentary flash of the transparency’ that spirit flows through when the physical passes.

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