Can shorter people pursue a modeling career?

Pursuing a modeling career is daunting when you don’t have any contacts from the industry, especially if you’re not entirely sure if you’re model material. Women the world over look up to the models they see in magazines, strutting along the catwalks in London, Paris, New York and Milan, and advertising clothing, jewelry and perfumes in televised commercials, and they dream of one day being up there themselves.

Often the dream dies when the girl realizes she does not have ‘the look’ of the most successful models in the business though. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Most models don’t have ‘the look’ in their everyday lives. They have stylists, make-up artists, people from Rush Hair, personal trainers and dietitians on hand to help them maintain their looks. Yes, they tend to be statuesque and slimmer than the average female, but models don’t look perfect all the time. In fact, it’s not the job of a model to look perfect, they’re there to sell the product they are advertising.

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So if you think you’re too short or your face isn’t interesting enough or you don’t believe you are sexy, think again. Firstly, models are confident in what they have; that’s what makes them sexy. Secondly, even models have flaws in their appearance, and there are tech wizards who work behind the scenes and airbrush these flaws out. Even Miranda Kerr’s photographs on the runway get doctored.

If you think you have potential to be a model, then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. Pursue it. The most famous and successful models are not the ones who appear the most beautiful or perfect; they are the ones who were ambitious and fearless enough to not take no for an answer. If you’re shorter than the average model, work it to your advantage and find your niche. Believe in your capability to captivate an audience’s attention.

Only you can hold you back from the modeling career you want.

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  1. Nathalie Cooper says:

    Thank you for those encouraging words and you will see more of my work.

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