Model Talk: Travel Tips for Models on the Go

By Tiana Hunter OMP Model #18098

As most models have discovered, traveling is a major part of the job. In addition to allowing models to accept more assignments, it also gives them the chance to make people across the country aware of their work.

The more people are familiar with you, the more work offers you are bound to receive. Working with photographers in different cities gives your portfolio a variety of locations and styles, and also can be very profitable since you are new to each market and therefore will be more in-demand.

traveling tips for models

When traveling, the biggest suggestion I can offer is be organized – I cannot stress this enough! Personally, I have different folders in my email inbox for each city. When I am contacted by a photographer, I respond to their offer and then move the message to the corresponding folder of the photographer’s city/state.

Then, when I am planning to travel, I put up a notification on OMP, and also individually email each photographer who has contacted me in the past. Being organized makes it so much easier to inform them of my travel plans. In addition, you can post notices on message boards to promote your trip.

Another good idea is to organize what you are thinking about bringing with you and pack only what you need. When traveling, mobility is very important. I pack light because whenever I am in an unfamiliar area, I want to be confident that regardless of cancellations or problems I will be able to get around and take care of myself. I know it is tempting to pack everything you have, but it is best to limit yourself and really consider what will be used for each job. I make a list of everything to take so that I am sure not to forget anything and be caught unprepared.

Here is a list of essential items that models must take care of before any trip:

Go online to get the best deals. One way to save money is to compare prices between airports. Most big cities have several airports, and you may find a cheaper fare depending on where the photographers are located.

Write down the exact addresses of your shoots, and ask ahead about the travel time you need to plan on between each shoot.

Make arrangements ahead of time. You will want to calculate how far the hotel is from your first shoot of the day, as well as how far it is from your last shoot of the day.

Print out maps for the various areas of the city you will be working and staying in, as well as a map of the public transportation system if available.

I usually ask for 3-5 model references from any photographer I have not worked with before.

Have the numbers for the local police station handy. If traveling abroad, you should also look up contact details for the U.S. embassy. Also, call ahead to your hotel and ask the receptionist about the neighborhood that the hotel is located in to ensure your personal safety.

Gather the contact info of cab companies in the city, as well as the local Greyhound station and Amtrak station.

It is always a good idea to contact other OMP members in the area and introduce yourself, so that you are on familiar terms with other people in the area in case of an emergency. You can also ask local models and photographers for suggestions on where to stay, places to eat, and areas to avoid.

The most important thing to remember is you can use the resources and contacts available on to not only make your travel plans but ensure the best possible experience while on the road.

Happy Traveling!

Tiana Hunter is a professional model working in the areas of artistic, commercial, fashion, and glamour, and she is a photographer as well. To see more of her work check out her OMP Portfoli

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