Professional Makeup Artist Finds Success Through Networking

Natalia Zurawska OMP MUA #250579 began her career as a professional makeup artist by networking with photographers. “I would work on ‘creatives’ – when a photographer, model and makeup artist get together to create portfolio pieces. My portfolio grew and so did my clientele. It is the best way to build/maintain relationships and fine tune your craft.”

Natalia’s expertise is not limited to a specific makeup style, she loves variety, whether is natural-looking makeup, elaborate hair, body painting, etc., she loves it all. So far in her career, she’s had many amazing opportunities to work in various assignments. “I love my career and I know I am very lucky.”

Most recently, Natalia has started a crowdfunding project to achieve one or her goals, to publish a book she wrote called “I’m Not Making This Up”. In the book she shares quick and easy makeup tips, tricks and techniques she’s accumulated over the span of her MUA career. “I’m Not Making This Up” is geared for all women of every age and ethnicity. This book is perfect for anyone who is a makeup lover as well.

The idea for the book was born when clients started asking her about her favorite products as well as different tips and tricks over and over again. “I would offer tips on an individual basis and then Voila! the idea came about as the same questions kept getting asked.”

“Some of the chapters in the book feature going from a day look to a night look in minutes, head shots, makeup for the beach and more. I also mention my favorite products.” OMP members are encouraged to support this fellow member, for each $100 contribution, donors to her crowdfunding project will receive a signed book upon launching. If you contribute $500, you will get a personalized makeover for you and your friends.

Natalia goals don’t stop there, “I would love to be able to continue making videos, write a hair book, have a makeup line. If I can make even one woman smile and feel more confident then I am happy.” You can see her in action on her website, which features makeover videos showcasing her talent.

Natalia relates that helps her make the right connections in the business. “OMP is an amazing website. The amount of people to network with is almost limitless. I have kept in touch and developed some great relationships. It also really helps with knowledge as everyone helps each other out.”

Her advice for MUAs just starting out is “Work hard, network, network, network, have patience and chin up. If you build it, have a passion, it will all work out. Never give up.”

She would also like to thank for the support she has received. “OMP has been an amazing support for me. They have featured me on their blog and really helped me promote my work to such a large audience. Without them this would not be possible. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

You can see more of Natalia’s work on her OMP Portfolio, and follow her on Facebook by searching Colourchameleon and, and for more videos, visit her YouTube Channel.

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