Model Interview: Amelia Talon – Part 2

By: Jarmo Pohjaniemi OMP Member #68348

Last week we introduced Amelia Talon, a self-professed “gaming-geekette” and the newest Shoot The Centerfold model. This week we learn more about this beauty and what makes her the ultimate girl next door.

OMP: What is the most beautiful place you ever been to?

Amelia: Maui, Hawaii. I love tropical locations and somewhere that has more nature than industry.

OMP: Top three things that annoy you?

Amelia: Rude, conceited, debbie-downer people, traffic, and when I have a string of bad luck.

OMP: Top three things that make you happy?

Amelia: Videogames, good food, and fun long nights with friends.

OMP: If you could go back and start everything all over again, what would you do different in your life?

Amelia: Absolutely nothing. I am at ease and also blessed with the decisions and events that have happened to me in my life. This is where I am meant to be and all of things that have happened shaped who I am, I wouldn’t change a thing.

OMP: Married or Single?

Amelia: Unfortunately, to shatter some dreams I am with someone, to say the least. ;)

OMP: Your motto for life?

Amelia: “Don’t forget to live.” Because far too often we are stuck on paying so much attention to bills or work, or anything that otherwise takes you away from the ultimate beauty, life. You only get one shot so tear it up!

OMP: Worst pickup line ever? Best pickup line ever?

Amelia: This kind of melts together as the best and worst, “I’m gonna use a masterball to capture your heart.” It’s a gamer reference which gives massive points, but it is SO corny! Hahaha

OMP: What do you expect from Shoot The Centerfold seminar/workshop?

Amelia: Honestly I also want a sneak peak at the tips from the masters of photography as well! Jarmo and Steve are amazing, I love them both and I also really love how photographers make me look amazing. I’m not just there to model and be oblivious to everything but myself, I like what goes on in all aspects of the creative process.

OMP: If you were not modeling, what would you be doing?

Amelia: Trying to get into the gaming industry full time. I said before that I’ve always wanted to go into game design but I really love modeling so when I’m so old I’m booted out of the modeling world, I’m going back to my roots.

OMP: Have you visited Bahamas before?

Amelia: No I haven’t, this will be a first for me, it’s going to be amazing!!

OMP: Well, that sounds more like an invitation to us, and you better bring your “A” game for Amelia. Her gothic personality speaks for power and you know what that means. This sassy, vixen-like, sugar-coated blonde can be a handful for even experienced photographers. Amelia says, “Everything to me is a challenge, I am the master of gaming and only way to win is to give everything you got! I have yet to meet that person who can out-do me on front or behind the camera!”

You can join Amelia at the Shoot The Centerfold seminar/workshop, May 25-26th in the Bahamas. Don’t miss out, reserves your seats now!

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