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We at OneModelPlace.com are happy to announce an exciting new partnership with ClickStartMe.com.

ClickStartMe is looking for its very first spokesmodel, and this is your chance to enter. The ClickStartMe Spokesmodel Contest, sponsored by OneModelPlace.com, will fly ten finalists to Las Vegas where they will appear on stage at the sizzling hot The Act Nightclub on May 17, 2013. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges, will take home $5,000 and will appear on ClickStartMe.com for a year as their first spokesmodel.

All you have to do to enter is create a crowdfunding project on ClickStartMe!

For ideas about crowdfunding projects specifically for models, check out the ClickStartMe Blog.

ClickStartMe.com is the hottest new crowdfunding website and provides individuals and businesses an opportunity to easily raise funds online for almost any purpose. ClickStartMe “puts the fun in crowdfunding” and, unlike other crowdfunding sites, caters to models and the modeling industry. ClickStartMe allows models, photographers and others in the industry to use its crowdfunding portal to raise funds for things like a new portfolio, a revamped website, starting a new business or product line, travel expenses, or new equipment.

Several models have used ClickStartMe to raise funds for their favorite charities, helping society while also broadening the model’s exposure and fan base. ClickStartMe helps its users every step of the way, to give the greatest chance of success in each crowdfunding project.

In addition to a free and easy way to raise money, ClickStartMe provides its users with an online store to sell their products, and holds contests with valuable prizes and trips to exciting locations for its users.

Make sure to stay tuned to OMP, as we bring you additional ways to win your way to Las Vegas to participate in the ClickStartMe Spokesmodel Contest.

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