Traveling Model Brynn Turns Passion Into Full-Time Career

Brynn OMP Model #194702 has modeled for over eight years, and got her start in the business right here on She has been very successful ever since.

“I discovered OMP from a peer of mine that had just found the website as well. She knew that I was looking to get into modeling and thought it would be a great networking tool. Boy, was she right! It’s been eight years now and I can’t believe how far it has taken me. OMP has given me the ability to reach photographers outside of my area. I am a full-time traveling model and it puts me right where they are. This site made it possible to quit a retail day job to live my passion, being a working model!”

The Virginia resident developed artistic ambitions at a very early age. “I have always been creative, and as long as I can remember I’ve had a camera. As I got older everyone told me that instead of being behind the camera, I should be in front of it. Since I started adding photos of myself onto, it has just grown from a tiny little hobby to my passion and full-time job.”

She describes herself as a good all-around model. “I love to be silly and have fun, but I’m very dedicated and committed to my craft. I think I’m very lucky because I started out working closely with some very talented photographers, and they helped me grow in every way possible. I also love pushing myself to new heights, finding that one thing I haven’t done yet and blowing it out of the water.”

Brynn starts to prepare for each photo shoot from the first email that she gets from the photographer. “I get all of the details that I can right away; wardrobe, concept, place and time. I often browse through photos to get ideas for how to portray what the photographer would like to create. The night before I make a list of all of the items I will need to bring and since I mostly do my own hair and makeup, I confirm the look with the photographer.”

During shoots, she relates that, “Models have to put themselves in a special world where no one exists except for who they put in it. Modeling isn’t just about poses, it’s about baring a piece of you for everyone to see by expressing different emotions and telling a story.”

For this brunette beauty, the rewards for modeling are much greater than the challenges. “It’s not easy work, and the touring is really rough; sleeping in hotel after hotel, missing holidays and birthdays, long days and early mornings. But honestly I love the constant travel and meeting a wide range of people. Modeling really is my passion. How many people get to live what they love to do everyday?”

Brynn has some insightful advice for models just starting out. “Research! Get references for photographers that you have never worked with before, and if time permits meet with them over coffee first. That will get you both more comfortable for the shoot, and the awkward stage will wear off faster. Also, expect to shoot for trade or TFP or TFCD (time for prints or a CD of images) at the beginning. You can’t charge right off the bat because you don’t quite know exactly what you’re doing yet.”

She also a constructive suggestion for photographers that will make all models happy. “Models get thirsty and hungry; the day of our shoot we’re normally so busy running around getting ready that we forget to bring snacks. Water and some crackers or pretzels at the shoot is greatly appreciated.”

Brynn’s plans for the near future are to continue traveling full-time for assignments. “My goal as a model is to go as far as I can without regrets. I don’t want to ever look back on my life and say, ‘I wish I would’ve just gone for it.’”

See more images of Brynn on her OMP Portfolio.

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