Put Your Favorite Pictures on Display

During a photo shoot, many great images are created, and even though only a few photos of each set will be published, either in print or online, that doesn’t mean all the other images should be forgotten.

Generally, but not always, models will receive a set of images from a photo shot that they can use to promote themselves, as well as other personal use. Having an online portfolio is a definite advantage in the industry, but having a printed book may open additional doors not only for models, but for photographers and other industry professionals.

Technology has allowed the price of custom printing to drop dramatically. It has also made it easier than ever to create a custom printed book. No longer is necessary to print thousands of copies of each item, or to hire a professional graphic designer to put together a file ready to print.

Ready to create your own custom printed book? Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Look for a reliable online print shop (read reviews of their products and service)
  • Choose a photo book that fits your needs (soft-cover vs. hard-cover, etc.)
  • Choose the number of pages and other options
  • Make sure the images you upload are big enough to print (for a 4×6 print at least 1200×1800 pixels)
  • Submit for printing!

The whole process is fast and easy, and the final product is as unique as you. But it doesn’t stop there; you can also create personal photo books for friends and family. Create a vacation book or a personalized cookbook for example, with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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