A Consumer’s Guide to Photography Workshops

By: Joel Belmont OMP Member #4010

Joel Belmont is a longtime OneModelPlace.com member from Colorado. He has spent over 14 years in professional photography – organizing and teaching workshops – and working with some of the top instructors in the workshop world, like Kim Weston, Craig Blacklock and Allen Birnbach. Joel has also exhibited fine art photography in galleries and in museums, and curated photographic exhibitions. In this article he shares valuable information about Photography Workshops.

During my many years in photography, I’ve learned that workshops are the subject of much confusion. In fact, people have so many misconceptions about taking photography workshops that I decided to offer this consumer education message, so when you select a workshop – you can make an informed, intelligent decision.


Not necessarily. Being able to create amazing images, and being able to effectively teach someone how to become a better photographer – are very different disciplines. Unfortunately, there are a number of excellent photographers that are not exceptional teachers. Being able to find an instructor that is an excellent teacher is key to getting the most out of a workshop.

A lot of photographers waste valuable time and money watching an instructor spend the majority of a workshop making their own images. Any workshop instructor worth their salt will spend some time teaching by demonstration – but will spend most of the time helping you with your work, and to achieve your own goals. An effective teacher will meet you where you are at, and help you in the way that works best for you.

One great way to get a feel for how a prospective instructor teaches, is to read testimonials from people that have previously attended that workshop. And if there aren’t significant amounts of quality testimonials – you may be wasting your time (and money).

Joel Belmont is the founder of Dynamic Photography Workshops, and leads week-long landscape and nude workshops on Lake Powell, Utah several times a year.  You can learn more about these photographic adventures here: http://www.dynamicphotoworkshops.com/workshops.

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