New York City Photographer Larry Cameola Tells Visual Stories

Larry Cameola OMP Member #9962 originally started his career as a filmmaker before setting his sights on glamour and sports photography. The resident of New York City is a longtime member of and believes that “photography is an exploration of yourself, and your pictures tell the story.” Read on to hear some of his inspirational stories in this exclusive interview.

OMP: What is your artistic background?

LARRY: I graduated NYU film school in the ’70s with a Fine Arts degree, majoring in cinematography. Out of a class of 500, I was selected to be in a group of 10 students to work as a production assistant on the film “The Seven-Ups” starring Roy Scheider. After graduation, I worked for major beauty firm Avon in photography and video production. I was in charge of producing corporate events such as fashion shows, product launches and financial meetings.

OMP: When did you start doing photography professionally?

LARRY: My father was a commercial and editorial photographer, so we had a darkroom in our house. At age 7, he gave me my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic 110. He often took me on job assignments. I accompanied him on assignments for Life Magazine, Newsweek, Popular Mechanics and American Airlines. I also got to go to rock concerts with the Beatles and Rolling Stones. My first professional job was in 9th grade for a local newspaper “The Publicity News.”

OMP: How did you discover

LARRY: I constantly search the Internet for technology and photography-related sites and user forums. In 2001, I came across through a link on a photo site. I felt it was an excellent site to showcase my work online. I found that I could connect with models on OMP who were both starting out in the business as well as those who were very experienced.

OMP: How has OMP helped you to promote your career?

LARRY: is a perfect way to connect to models without having to use agencies. It allows me the ability to review models, their work and level of experience. It’s an excellent way to showcase your images without building your own site and connect with people interested in the same goals.

OMP: What type of equipment do you use?

LARRY: I use mostly a DSLR Canon 7D, however, I just received a Sony 5N and I am having a lot of fun with it. The possibilities of developing a new style with this camera are very intriguing. Once in a blue moon I go back to film, when I can get my hands on a camera like an old Nikon. It’s fun to go back and use your old discipline and rely on the basics.

OMP: What are your favorite styles of images to shoot?

LARRY: I love to photograph almost anything that I think is interesting and pleasing to my eye – people, horses, cityscapes. I prefer shooting with available light and the challenges it presents. I love covering events like horse racing, fashion shows, shooting stills for movie productions, and especially shooting interesting people that enjoy having their picture taken.

OMP: What is your favorite credit in the industry?

LARRY: I was selected to be a judge for the Annual Daytime Emmy’s for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

OMP: Can you offer some tips for models to remember during a shoot?

LARRY: Well, the first thing — as with any profession — is to enjoy what you’re doing and have fun. Be confident and be real. Understand that even if you don’t get to pursue modeling fulltime, the pictures and experience can be a great experience. You can have a wonderful time just discovering who you are. One more reminder — don’t use a lot of eye makeup, especially black liner — the eyes are the feature that sells.

OMP: What advise do you have for photographers just starting out?

LARRY: Realize that you don’t need the most expensive camera ever made to take great pictures. It takes practice, and an understanding of composition and light. Most importantly, you have to be clear about what you want to say through your images – remember, each picture is a story. The camera is like a musical instrument. Photography is a way of expressing yourself and hopefully showing others how you see things and feel about them.

OMP: Do you look forward to working with more OMP members in the New Year?

LARRY: The last four years have been very tough after two open-heart surgeries. I am now at a point where my health is back and I am full of energy again. I need to get back to what I love. OMP will help me do that. It is the perfect place to meet the right people with the same energy and direction. I have lots of new images and several new projects in the work. can help me realize these goals and further my career.

Check out more of Larry’s work on his OMP Portfolio.

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