Newbie’s Survival Guide

One Model Place is an awesome community consisting of the best professionals in the modeling industry. Members consider themselves colleagues and with time lots of them became really good friends: it is one of the miracles of the Internet! Finding whatever you need in any part of the world!

We are super proud of our members and the way they always have helped each other but it takes long to know whom to turn for support. In case you don’t know which step to take next… well, we do!

The life of a newbie is already hard enough to lose time Goggling for info or looking for somebody that might help you or give some advice.  I’ve seen on Facebook very interesting questions about the modeling world but unfortunately FB is not always the right place for replying: sometimes your comment gets lost among more recent posts or if we want to answer via private message it might not be possible because of the privacy settings so please, read my advice:

- If you have any doubt regarding the OMP community submit your question/petition to our awesome Customer Service Team:

- Would you like to get more information about any topic in the modeling world? Let us know and we can write an article about it! You can’t image how many members are in your same situation!

- In you are looking for expert advice then you have to enter our forums. All the knowledge of the modeling industry is saved there thanks to our senior members who use to be online on a daily basis.

Come on, we are here to help you!

Have a nice day OMPers!

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