Your Evil Model Portfolio

Searching for a job may be really exhausting: send dozens of CVs, go to interviews, check the Internet to make sure that anything that might shame you is online…  Yes OMPers, Google keeps track on our lives and if you thought that you were safe from Google because in modeling things work different, you are absolutely wrong!

Agencies and private customers such as magazines that recruit new models through their sites use to google the candidates’ names. Do you know that saying in modeling “You’ll be judged by your worst picture?” Well, it is true! The last thing you need is a potential client tipping your name on Google and finding a personal pic you uploaded to your Facebook for fun (wild party, bad-day face, a bet…)

Beware of Facebook

We love Facebook, of course we do! But you have to be serious about your modeling career. It is time to decide what is more important: Likes on Facebook or an impolite online portfolio.

Especially now that Facebook is launching its new app which will be the third pillar of the Facebook empire: images search.

It will be possible to make searches and obtain images of Facebook users as results. Facebook representatives stated that Privacy will be respected but prevention is better than cure.

Have a nice weekend!!

For further information check the official site:

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