What a Shame! Model Scams

Modeling might be a dream, your passion or just a way to earn some extra money but every model has to face the challenge of separating good offers from scams. Hundreds of “newbies” full of dreams start their careers in the modeling world every year and these unrealistic dreams expose them to the risk of scams and being reached by bad influences. Please, keep in mind that if an offer is too good to be true… It probably is. Always double check the contact name, company, address and all the data you get.

Parents and newbies are the main target of scammers so please, be careful!

Here a list of the most common scams in the modeling world:

-Nude photos or Webcam interview. If you do any nude and/or adult industry modeling you don’t need to include nude pictures in your portfolio. Don’t do any webcam interview and specially do not get naked; webcam conversations can be recorded and probably the video will be uploaded to a porn site

-If you are contacted by a magazine with an awesome offer search for the telephone number to make sure it is true. The 90% of these offers are scams.

- If you salary is extremely high and includes travel expenses probably it is not because finally your modeling abilities have been recognized, probably you are talking to an escort agency (sex work recruiters)

- PARENTS: if you are looking for an agency for your kid, be aware that you do not have to pay. Once your kid gets a photo shooting the agency will retain a percent of the earned money (approx. 20%)

Have you ever been scammed? Or luckily haven’t you been swindled yet? Share your opinion, experience and/or tips with us!

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