10 Questions with International Photographer Anthony Anthonini

Anthony Anthonini OMP member #220183 started his career as a professional photographer in 1982, and has garnered much attention over the past three decades with his striking imagery. Based in the Netherlands, the talented artist specializes in model shoots, landscapes, nature and artistic styles.

OMP: What is your artistic background?

ANTHONY: I was at Art School in Rotterdam from 1969-1972, then I worked independently as a professional painter until 1979.

OMP: When did you become interested in photography?

ANTHONY: I started pursuing a photography career in the south of France in 1980. I ran a photo studio there until 1982, then I went to Paris where I worked as both a photographer and a cameraman.

OMP: What are your favorite styles of images to shoot?

ANTHONY: I have worked for advertising agencies and have shot everything from fashion stills to business portraits. Later in Holland, I started shooting Penthouse-style erotica. In 1986, my agent in the U.K. began selling my work worldwide.

OMP: How did you discover OneModelPlace.com?

ANTHONY: I found OneModelPlace.com online. I liked the style and presentation that OMP had to offer, and now it is my main website.

OMP: How has OMP helped you promote your career?

ANTHONY: By allowing me to post my work in an online portfolio, and also by giving Showcases to my images. Now that I am older, my photography is more for pleasure than business, although sometimes I will make a series available for sale.

OMP: Can you give three tips for models to remember during a shoot?

ANTHONY: Be yourself, don’t be scared, and go for it! Let us see who you are, and we will take the best from you.

OMP: Do you use different equipment for studio assignments as opposed to when you are on location?

ANTHONY: I work with Canon 5D Mark II, Bowens flash 4x 500 and 2x 1500 watt spot in the studio. On location, I bring 2x 500 watt lights with an umbrella and a gold screen.

OMP: What advice do you have for photographers just starting out?

ANTHONY: The best advice I can give is make sure your portfolio is diverse and features different styles and types of images. How you present yourself to advertising agencies and others in the industry is very important as well.

OMP: What is the current market for art and photography like in the Netherlands?

ANTHONY: At the moment, the market is very quiet. Hopefully business will pick up in the new year!

OMP: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

ANTHONY: I want to give special thanks to OMP! I now have a lot of new friends that I have met through the site. I would like to work with more U.S. models who are featured on OneModelPlace.com — hopefully one day we can collaborate together. If anyone is planning on visiting Holland in the near future, be sure to contact me through OMP.

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