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Here at OMP, we love shining a spotlight on our fabulous members.  Natalia Zurawska, OMP member #250579, is a woman of many talents.  This is the second tutorial video she has graciously shared with us.  Check it out!

Natalia is a makeup artist, hairstylist and SPFX artist from Toronto, Canada. She has been doing hair and makeup professionally for the last 10 years.  Coming from an artistic family, Natalia discovered her love for makeup and hair artistry in visual arts school, feeling that her previous choice of painting was too lonely.

The social element of hair and makeup got her hooked, and she had been expanding her talent base ever since.  She has recently launched a website, Colour Chameleon to showcase her work.

This tutorial shows how to get perfect curls. Enjoy!

Video Credits:
Camera Direction: Todd McLellan
Editing: Maciej Roszkowski
Model: Olympia Farmakidis

Want to see more of Natalia’s videos? Check her out her YouTube channel. We at OMP also look forward to more tutorials in the future!

Do you do your own hair/makeup/styling tutorial videos that you’d like to see on the OMP blog? Contact and find out how you can get involved in our tutorial series!

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