One Model Place Partners with photo l.a. and Emerging Focus

One Model Place is proud to announce our media partnership with photo l.a., the longest running art fair west of New York City, and Emerging Focus, the educational series on contemporary photography born out of last year’s photo l.a. exposition.

In its 22nd year, photo l.a. has earned its reputation as the premier fine art photography exposition in the United States. Since its inception, photo l.a. has hosted over 300 galleries, private dealers and publishers and over 200 lectures, panels and seminars. Many important artists and photographers caught their big break as a result of their participation, and photo l.a. has played a crucial role in the cultural beat of Los Angeles.

The 22nd annual Lost Angeles International Photographic Art Exposition takes place January 18-21, 2013, with an opening gala on Thursday, the 17th at the historic Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The four-day event will be home to lectures, workshops and exhibitions from some of the biggest names in photography and art.

Emerging Focus Expo was born from the success of photo l.a.’s 2012 Emerging Focus Educational series. Emerging Focus highlights the contemporary photography industry, bringing attention to the many ways the industry is changing and evoloving with new technologies, techniques and industry trends. Emerging Focus will host a series of intermediate and advanced seminars on a wide variety of topics, including Adobe Photoshop, time lapse, lighting techniques, printing and finishing.

One Model Place is the oldest and largest online community for professional models and photographers. We have created a way for fashion industry professionals to create a powerful online presence, regardless of technical ability, experience, or geographic location.

You can look forward to more news about photo l.a. and Emerging Focus in the weeks ahead. To find out more, please visit:

photo l.a.
Emerging Focus Expo
Registration for photo l.a.
Registration for Emerging Focus

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