How to Be Confident at a Casting

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Let’s say you have a big audition or casting call coming up. Here are some things you can do to prepare for the big day. Thinking about potential obstacles gives you the advantage of keeping cool under pressure. If you’ve prepared well, there shouldn’t be any curveball that can keep you down!

So today is the big audition! First and foremost, the most important thing: do NOT be late! It looks unprofessional, you will arrive flustered and frustrated, and you probably won’t perform at your best. We mentioned in the Modeling Kit blog post that you should keep your phone’s GPS handy or, if you’re behind in the technological times, a city map. Leave 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to. That way, when your heart is racing at the audition, you’ll know it’s due to excitement and not panic because you were late! It’s already stressful enough to be on display to complete strangers at the audition or casting; don’t add more to your plate.

Once you’ve arrived, you need to check in with the monitor. You need to be extremely nice and polite to everyone you encounter, but especially the check-in monitor. They have a certain degree of power in this situation, and many talented people have been turned down for a job because of a side comment to the casting team about how cranky you were when you signed in. If it’s not clear enough – be nice to everyone!

Now that you’re checked in, you’re going to either wait a little while or wait a long while, depending on where you are on the list. Use this time to psych yourself up! You’ll be evaluated on your look, level of talent, and how well you fit into what the client is looking for. If your agency or the casting director has given you any notes in advance, review those and make sure you’re mentally prepared.

As you sit and wait for your name to be called, scope out the competition, but don’t compare yourself too much to the people you see around you. These people might try to intimidate you, but chances are, you’re intimidating them. Keep your head down but make mental notes about your competition. No one in the room is better or more successful than you, so don’t worry about them. Focus on number one.

To help you do this, there are two strategies, and they work differently depending on your personality. If you’re a really competitive person and you love to prepare, then go over your part. Practice in front of other people. Even if they make a rude comment, you’re probably making them nervous. If it helps you feel more prepared, do it.

The other strategy is for the people who perform best in the moment, under pressure. These people should take their minds as far away from the casting as possible. Read a magazine, play Sudoku, write in your journal, or listen to music. That way, you have a clear head to go into that audition room and show the casting team what you’ve got!

That’s it! This process becomes easier and less scary the more you do it, so keep trying. If you go to enough auditions, you will eventually get the part! Good luck!

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    Your post is really very helpful to built confidence in casting field as well as in other field of life. Thanks so much for sharing such a awesome post.

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