Creative Collaborations: Making Your Own Outfits for Photo Shoots

Jennifer Lynn OMP Model #177829 is a talented and versatile model from the Midwest. She is also the imaginative and inventive stylist behind Anomalous Designs OMP Member #241634. This allows her to the chance to create colorful and outrageous outfits, many of which she ends up modeling herself.

The eye-opening, evolving artist shares some of her secrets with fellow OMP members, this week’s topic: How to make outfits and costumes for photo shoots with found items.

Jennifer Lynn: If you were good at making macaroni necklaces when you were young, you can be good at making your own creative outfits!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you can mimic something very mainstream out of something unusual, you will find that there is an inherent beauty because the piece has become art.

Everyone in fashion is aware of the late Alexander McQueen’s incredible designs. Now, if you take a medium not typically used for clothing — paper, for example — and make a dress out of it that has a similar silhouette as one of McQueen’s, you will find it is not only going to be seen as creative, but beautiful and awe-inspiring.

I personally think that finding the right medium, gathering the materials, and the choosing the right silhouette are the most challenging tasks. From there, you can use your artistic skills to form your creation with glue, staples, string, etc. Think of this as nothing more than a large-scale art project.

To get them right, constructing these outfits will take time, so be patient. Don’t throw some paper together with double-sided sticky tape and call it a day.

Using a mannequin will make it easier to see how the outfit looks on a body. If you don’t have a mannequin, have someone stand in. Design it around their body (or your own, if you are crafty enough).

When all is said and done, be sure to pair your new creation with the right makeup, hair style, props and background, to elevate the project to an editorial level.

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