Member Spotlight: Olga Schleicher

Olga Schleicher OMP Member #248062 is a multi-talented artist and photographer, she has been a part of the fashion and beauty business for a long time. Olga started out as a model and later became a makeup artist. She began to focus completely on photography in 2006 and in 2011 she joined after a model she worked with told her about the site, shortly after, she won first place in our couples-themed competition.

Olga relates how she got started in the business, “My photography career has been an artistic (and geographic) journey. In the 90′s I started out as a model in Europe. By the end of that decade, I had started a family and spent the following years raising my children. After a while, I missed working in the industry and decided to get back into it as a makeup artist. I received formal training in Europe and everything accelerated when I relocated to Los Angeles in 2006. Initially I stayed focused on becoming a makeup artist.”

One path let to another, “While building my portfolio to break into the leading agencies I started taking pictures of my own [makeup] work; and as with makeup artistry I started taking formal education classes to learn the basics of photography. Since then I have never looked back and photography is what fulfills my artistic needs until today.”

Beauty, glamour, fashion, and editorials are Olga’s favorites images to shoot. She usually shoots models at her studio, which is fully equipped with lighting, background, sets, etc. as well as a full set of equipment that she can set up for outdoor shoots. Her equipment includes Canon and Nikon cameras and lenses, she also notes the importance of lens selection “Having a different range of lenses depends on a nature of the shoot, from macro to telephoto.”

In addition to shooting at her studio, Olga travels to shoots and traditionally spends the summer in Salzburg, Austria, where each year she participates in the Austrian World Bodypainting Festival, “I’m fascinated from art of bodypainters and the way models perform to present their creations.”

She has recently worked with celebrities like opera star Maija Kovalevska, singer Coshiva, actress Cindy Vela, ballet star Kristina Kantsel, astrologer David Palmer, TV host Rachel Reilly, Erika Othen, Carina Cooper, and others.

Olga values the cooperative effort in creating beautiful work, “An outstanding image is for me always the result of the cooperation of a team. I try to give a model the most professional surrounding and instructions for her role. I try to keep everybody focused on the goal at hand: creating a piece of art that needs the professional input and work of every team member.

She offers some important tips for models to remember during a shoot: “Always be prepared for a shoot (i.e. nails done, hair clean, eye brows plucked, no hair on body, had enough sleep etc.), become a good actor and dancer – you need to be able to act out emotions, be gracious like a dancer in your movements, and know your strength and weaknesses and be an active part during the shoot (i.e. let the photographer know what are your best sides and angles, etc.)

Her advice for photographers is also valuable, “Develop your own unique style! Study all famous photographers and techniques but only use this information as input for your own uniqueness. For me photography is a reflection of a photographer’s mind and soul. So be brave and follow your heart!” She also recommends OMP “The site gives a photographer and outstanding network and audience to showcase ones work. It is a great place to connect to other talent. It also is a good place to solicit feedback and a benchmark for self-assessment.

Besides shooting models, Olga has recently started to leverage her beauty photography knowledge by offering boudoir photography to non-models ( “It has always been my mission to show women in their most beautiful – and enabling non-models to look their best and capturing it forever has been a very rewarding experience. Consequently my message to new photographers is that every segment of photography can be very fulfilling.”

To see more of Olga’s work, visit her OMP Portfolio.

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