Talented Photographer Bill Lemon Leaves a Lasting Impression

Bill Lemon OMP Member #4278 has been part of the OneModelPlace.com community for quite some time. “A number of years ago a fellow photographer mentioned OneModelPlace.com to me as the modeling and photography site to be on. As you can see I’ve been a member for quite some time”. Bill is an accomplished glamour photographer, and specializes in photographing women, Outdoor Glamour is his theme. He cites photographers David Mecey, Ken Marcus, Marco Glaviano, and Patrick Demarchelier as some of his influences.

Bill shoots with all Nikon equipment and Paul Buff lighting for his outdoor work. He relates how he got his start in photography, “After my wife and I spilt up, I started dating a woman who was very interested in photography, so the first Christmas we were together I gave her a Nikon camera and a couple of lenses. Shortly after that I started playing with the camera and I wouldn’t give it back, so the next Christmas she gave me one. I then started taking pictures of her and her girlfriends.”

That was just the beginning for Bill, “I [then] started putting money into equipment and shooting everything I could to learn as much as I could, I started going to seminars and reading books as well.” His dedication has certainly paid off, Bill is not only a sought-after photographer, but he is also a published author. “My first book was published in 1998 ‘BLACK & WHITE MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY’ a great book, with all photos shot in film and medium format. About 15,000 copies of this book were sold and you can still find it on Amazon.”

He has also published other books, in 2000 ‘NUDE & BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHY’ was released, ‘NUDE AND GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY’ came out in 2006, and later ‘OUTDOOR GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY’. “This is a book in all color and shot digitally, a super book for those who are just getting into glamour photography and learning how to shoot outdoors with the sun at all hours of the day.” Bill says.

More recently he has published ‘LIGHT SHADOW AND SKIN TONE’, a book of black & white photos that includes digital images as well as film images. Bill explains “A big part of this book is on converting color to black & white using the Greg Gorman method and NIK software (Silver Efex Pro).”

His latest book is soon to be released, “The upcoming ‘OUTDOOR GLAMOUR II’ is an extension of my ‘OUTDOOR GLAMOUR’ with more up-to-date techniques on lighting outdoors with strobes. Keep your eyes open for my limited release coffee table book at the end of the year.” Only 300 copies will be available, so be sure to get this limited edition book, before it’s gone.

Bill has also been a mentor in a series of popular workshops, ‘I started conducting workshops in 1992 first throughout northern California with the help of Nikon, Hasselblad, Photoflex, and Bronica, just to name a few. In 1999 I met up with Art Ketchum and for a couple of years he and I joined forces doing workshops around the country. In the first workshop I met a great guy by the name of Spencer Colquhoun and after a couple of years he and I teamed up and started doing workshop all over the country. In 2009 Spencer was replaced by Marcelino Nogueiro who is with me today.”

Bill credits OMP for helping his career “OMP has been a great place to show my work and advertise my books and workshops.” And he has great advice for other photographers just starting out. “This is a tough business, but read photography books, attend workshops, there are many out there. Also, buy some of the top fashion magazines to get lighting ideas; study the catch light in the eyes for light direction, recreate some of the poses; many of which work in glamour photography, and look at the styling of the models. The main thing is NOT TO GIVE UP!!!”

For information on Bills workshops, go to www.billlemon.com and click on workshops.

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