STC’s Vanessa Jorge Interview – Part One

By: Jarmo Pohjaniemi OMP Member #68348

When you mix a little Chinese, Cuban, and Colombian, throw in a couple of handfuls of sensuality, a few cups of good looks, and add a few bits of boldness with a dash of attitude, you get model Vanessa Jorge, Shoot The Centerfold’s first model selection for the October 13-14 seminar/workshop in Miami, Florida.

Vanessa is a 5’10″ beauty – and that’s without heels – that comes in at a nice 34-24-36 and ready to rock the camera. She is represented by Next Models of Miami.

STC chose Vanessa based on member’s criteria for what they would like to see at our next seminar. While Playmates remain at the center of our shoots, we listened to member requests because we want to offer attendees a little more bang for their buck and see if they can handle a challenge from the fashion world.

Fashion models have a certain aura of sensuality about them and their presence in front of the camera demands we rise to their level. While the two worlds of glamour and fashion are similar in appearance, the photographic demands can be quite different.

It is of the utmost importance that Shoot The Centerfold provides its attendees an opportunity to brave and conquer new challenges, pushing the boundaries of their expertise. Every shot has to be nothing less than stellar in every aspect (and it doesn’t hurt to throw in a bit of “sexy” as well!).

It’s a circle; demand the best of others and you’ll demand the best from yourself as well. As you can see by Vanessa’s photos, you’re going to have to bring your “A” game, are you ready for it? Time to find out!

OMP: How long have you been modeling?

Vanessa: I started modeling in New York when I was 14 years old. It was an on and off thing until two years ago when I started with Next modeling agency.

OMP: You are well known in the industry and admired by many who believe that your presence fills up a room and silences the rest. Is this true?

Vanessa: It’s surreal to me that people think that of me. I usually don’t like attention but I’m very appreciative that I can have such an affect on people.

OMP: You have also been compared to Megan Fox. Who’s foxier?

Vanessa: Well, that’s always a huge compliment for me even though I really don’t see the resemblance, but I’m definitely foxier. I’m 5’10″ and I can rock the runway, not sure if she could measure up to that!

OMP: What does a model of your caliber think of a Playboy and glamour photographers in general?

Vanessa: I think they have great talent in being able to make these beautiful women look so hot and sexy. Every woman likes to feel sexy and the photographers help project that. I am looking forward to meeting a variety of different photographers who can make me look sexy. :)

OMP: Where do you consider your stomping grounds? New York? Paris? London? Moscow? Milano?

Vanessa: I consider them all. I’ve worked in New York mostly and practically grew up there, since I was born and raised in New Jersey. New York is my second home but I am making my mark across the world a step at the time.

OMP: What is your favorite place you’ve been or would like to go?

Vanessa: My favorite so far has been New York. I haven’t traveled across seas as much, but I’m very anxious to explore the beauty of all countries in the world.

OMP: Is there any particular city or country that you’d like to call home?

Vanessa: I imagine raising my family in Australia, I’ve heard so many good things about it and seen many beautiful pictures. I feel like it would be a great place to raise my children plus they’ll have adorable accents, which I hope rubs off on me!

OMP: Australia of all the places was the last place we would have guessed. You seem more like a city girl.

Vanessa: Well, I can be both and then some, but I love space and Australia has lots of it. In the end, I am very much nature loving and perhaps I can challenge the runways with kangaroos over there! [joke].

OMP: It seems lots of photographers are always buzzing around you, offering all kinds of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. What do you tell them and is there a magic word that can break the ice to get you to say “yes”?

Vanessa: I can be picky with who I work with and I let the agency deal with the details, but I do appreciate good photography skills and know what’s good from bad. But mostly a connection with the photographer is what will get me to say yes. There are a few gentlemen out there with cameras.

Check out next week’s newsletter for part two of this interview, and if you’d like to opportunity to shoot with Vanessa, make sure to book your spot at the Shoot the Centerfold Seminar/Workshop in Miami Beach, happening October 13-14, 2012.

Register now!

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