Blonde Beauty Britagne Brings Energy and Enthusiasm to Each Shoot

Britagne OMP Model #268115 always brings her natural energy and enthusiasm to each assignment. She describes herself as “a very friendly, professional, fun model,” and that description could not be more accurate.

This self-professed “outdoor girl” is always on the lookout to find more work that challenges her to shoot in the wild. “I would love to do more shoots that take place outdoors — anything that has to do with racing, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, or fast cars. I really like doing events and shoots like that.”

A chance meeting at a local restaurant led to a career in modeling for this blonde beauty. “I met a photographer at P.F. Chang’s and started shooting and entering competitions.”

Another photographer friend recommended that she join Subsequently, OMP members were introduced to Britagne as one of the participants at our 2007 Spring Break Model Competition.

The Utah resident recalls the sun, sand and surf of Florida with fond memories. “One of my favorites shoots was the Spring Break shoot with OMP that took place in Panama City Beach. I got to work with some great photographers as well as the OMP staff. We had such an amazing experience in Panama City Beach. We took some excellent photos, and soaked up the sun on the white sandy beaches.”

Preparing for photo shoots is an exciting part of the job for Britagne. “I love getting ready for a shoot. Having your hair and makeup done by professional stylists can be fun!”

She also enjoys getting in front of the cameras when the time comes. “I concentrate on getting the details just right to make a perfect photo. And I always make sure to have a good time during shoots. It really shows in the photos.”

Britagne has some positive advice for newer models who are trying to break into the business. “Just do what makes you happy, and always pursue your dreams!”

To see more of Britagne’s work, visit her OMP Portfolio.

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