Member Spotlight: Jason Jablonski

Jason Jablonski OMP Member #131667 is a location photographer located in British Columbia, Canada.

He started working as a photographer’s assistant at the age of 16, doing mainly commercial work like magazine ads, and catalogues.

Later he went to school for graphic design and web design while taking on a job photofinishing at a high end consumer-level print shop to save money on cameras and photofinishing.

Networking has always been the best way for Jason to find work. “I am always looking for new ways of finding work to take my photography to the next level and to showcase my photos, I am also shooting regularly to add to my portfolio.”

Jason feels that each subject he shoots has its own unique quality. “I feel it is my duty to express this through my photos. There are endless challenges and different ways to capturing each one for example while learning how to shoot fireworks there were endless rolls of film wasted on perfecting my camera settings, angles and the timing of the shot before I achieved the look I wanted. These are similar because they are what I find interesting in my daily life and surroundings.”

The Canadian native can now do a photoshoot and have a finished product in mind, sometimes using elements from several different photos to create an image. “It also helps with composition when taking the shots to prevent any layout issues if I am using the photo for a product.” The programs he uses are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Quark Express for his Graphic design work.

He offers the following advice to his fellow lensmen and women. “Take as many pictures as you possibly can, learn as much as you can about the science and the art of photography, buy a quality film and digital camera if you can afford it, and mostly never give up on your dreams.”

See more of Jason’s images on his OMP Portfolio.

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