Model Spotlight: Leo

Leo OMP Model #145117 is a successful male model. The Ohio resident dabbled in modeling at the age of 20, then took a little time off before pursuing it full-time.

“I got back into it when I did a shoot with a former girlfriend a few years ago. I posted a portfolio on at that time, and in a few months my career literally took off from there!”

His decision to join turned out to be a very successful choice. “It’s the biggest and best online portfolio service out there! I wanted a venue that would get me noticed and also provide a vehicle to network. OMP can and does provide both!”

Being an OMP member has really paid off for the fitness model. “ has allowed me to be widely recognized by many other photographers and models. It’s how I was found by the Los Angeles staff photographer for the Exercise Group, which led to my first fitness publication shoot. Nearly every photographer I’ve worked with has come from OMP.”

Fitness modeling comes naturally to the 6’2′ model. “I’m a competitive natural bodybuilder in the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF). I also love golfing and biking.”

Leo’s recent assignments have dealt with everything from automobiles to physical therapy equipment. “I shot a TV commercial for Chevrolet’s annual auto show. I also shot for Volkswagen portraying a service technician. Another assignment I had was for HoMEDICS, as the packaging model on the company’s back massager products.” In the future, he’d like to do more commercial and fitness type work. Since there are not a lot of opportunities for him in his hometown, Leo does a lot of traveling around the country to pursue his career.

“I have never really done much modeling in Toledo. There’s really not much happening here in Ohio. So I have to market myself in larger markets. Most of the jobs I’ve done have been in Detroit, L.A. and Chicago.” Leo has a simple motto that he wants to share with his fellow OMP members. “Never forget this is a business! So treat it as such at all times.”

See more of Leo on his OMP Portfolio.

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