Model Spotlight: Isobel Wren

Isobel OMP Model #113590 has been modeling for the past several years. She started modeling while she was in college, and has successfully established herself in the business ever since. Unfortunately, Isobel’s first experience in front of the camera turned out to be a major disappointment. Luckily it also led her to

According to the brunette beauty, OMP launched her career as a model. “Were it not for OMP I would have worked the night shift at my old job all through college, and graduated with significantly more student loan debt! Right now, I’d probably be interning somewhere and going into hock.”

Isobel has turned into a modern day superhero of sorts. As she puts it, she is “a commercial model by day, art model by night.” Her day job is in commercial modeling, but what she really enjoys doing is art nudes, glamour, and fetish work.

“When I shoot for commercial gigs, my image is selling something I may not like, or in some cases have not seen, let alone used. When I’m doing nude work, I’m selling something I really believe in — me. My mom is embarrassed that I feel this way, but she gets to show all her friends my commercial work and tell them I’m interning at the Sierra Club, so she supports my idiosyncrasies.”

While Isobel is very active, she reveals that she hates to exercise. “You have to trick me into it. Except for my daily ‘Pilates for Dummies’ routine, every fitness thing I do is exercise in disguise. I hike, rock climb, do yoga, and swim. I love to dance, but I’m just pathetically bad at it. I can’t even do ‘Dance Revolution’ — I have to play by myself when no one is watching.”

To see more of Isobel’s current body of work, check out her OMP Portfolio.

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