Teen Model Jana is a Quadruple-Threat

Portland, Oregon native Jana, OMP Model #188251, is the perfect example of a quadruple threat — in addition to modeling, she is also an actress-singer-dancer. Her experience as a performer actually helps her as a model.

“To be an awesome model you need to be able to act, too. Singing and dancing gives you confidence to perform in front of people. Acting, singing, dancing and modeling are all tied in together.”

The young model has been working steadily for the past several years, after being constantly advised to take the career path. “Every time I would get my picture taken for sports events or school photos, the photographers would say, ‘The camera loves you’ and ‘Have you considered modeling?’ I loved the idea of modeling, and have strived to succeed as a model ever since.”

Jana’s success is in part due to her willingness to collaborate on photo shoots. “I would say my favorite shoots are the ones that are ‘outside of the box.’ I love it when the photographer says, ‘Okay, go throw an outfit together’ and I can be really creative.” Her portfolio and profile on OMP have helped her to be very productive. “My mom was reading a forum on another site and came across OneModelPlace.com being mentioned. She checked it out and like what she saw and signed me up. Since then, OMP has really helped my career. There are so many photographers I’ve networked with and shot with other members of the site. I would not have even known about them without OMP.”

When asked what advice she has for other teens who want to start modeling, Jana stated, “Be sure you have a parent with you at all times. My mom is always at my photo shoots. Have fun with modeling, but at the same time take it seriously and be professional.”

To see more of Jana’s work, check out her OMP Portfolio.

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