Vegas Model Lisa Balances Photo Shoots & Spokesmodeling

Lisa Song Sutton (OMP Model #425306) started modeling when she was 19 years old, and has been very busy balancing photo shoots, print jobs and spokesperson assignments ever since.

She relates that she hadn’t considered a career in modeling until an industry scout discovered her. “When I was in college at the University of Arizona, I was scouted by a major modeling agency. After that I continued to model with agencies in Arizona and Florida.”

Lisa learned about through one of the site’s photographers. “I heard about OMP from one of my favorite photographers, TroubleShooter (OMP Member #207016), who is based in South Florida. He suggested that I join the OMP community, and I have been a member ever since.”

She feels that OMP has helped her career tremendously by offering industry advice and exposure. “It is a great place to network — I have had many photographers contact me through OMP. The information and tips from the website are helpful as well.”

The Las Vegas resident is comfortable posing in a variety of styles, including print, commercial, lingerie and swimwear. “My favorite style to shoot is bikini, because the locations are always beautiful and beachy. Everyone on set has a great time because the weather is always gorgeous for beach shoots.”

Her favorite assignment was as a television host for an entertainment news show in South Florida. “I had the opportunity to attend some awesome events, and interviewed many athletes and celebrities such as Michael Strahan and Snoop Dogg.”

She has a structured regimen whenever she prepares for photo assignments. “I always make sure that I maintain a healthy, balanced diet (with a few cheat days here and there to keep me sane, of course), so that I can avoid crash dieting before a shoot. For preparation, I make sure that my wax and tan appointments are secured and I conduct those about two days prior to my shoot. The day before a photo shoot I go on a smoothie diet (which is much better than starving yourselves, ladies, trust me!). I also try to limit my water intake to only what is in the smoothies. I get a good night’s sleep the night before, and drink a cup of green tea before I leave for my shoot. The hair and makeup team and the photographer’s creative staff take care of the rest.”

Lisa has had the opportunity to travel to many places on photo assignments. “The Bahamas, Paris, NYC and Seoul South Korea are just a few of the amazing locations I have shot at.”

Now that she has moved from her longtime residence in Florida and makes her home in Vegas, the model admits that she is faced with new challenges. “I love living and working in Las Vegas! It’s definitely different than my modeling life in Miami, in the sense that there are no beach shoots. The industry here has been so welcoming to me, and I have actually encountered a lot of people I knew from the Florida industry here in Las Vegas. There are some great opportunities for event and convention spokesmodeling work here in Vegas, and I have been blessed to work with Jay and Laura of the Platinum Agency Las Vegas.”

Lisa’s future goals in the industry are all geared toward progressing and further developing her modeling career. “I have been blessed to have the opportunity to sign with Wilhelmina Models’ commercial division for the year 2012. Billy, my agent in their Rochester office, is fantastic. I’m so excited to be working with him.”

The lovely brunette offers the following advice to models just starting out in the business. “My advice to aspiring models is to remember to stay true to who you are. Know what your boundaries are when taking on an assignment and never let someone else persuade you or make the decision for you. Most importantly, treat modeling just as seriously as you would any other career: be on time, be professional and enjoy what you do.”

In addition to modeling and spokesperson gigs, Lisa is busy developing a business with a longtime friend who also modeled – a line of alcohol-induced bakery items entitled Sin City Cupcakes (check out their website at Through all her endeavors, Lisa is always grateful to those people who believe in her. “I just want to say thank you to my amazing support system. Family, friends and fans have provided me with so much love and encouragement, and I firmly believe that I wouldn’t have progressed as far as I have without them!”

Check out more of Lisa Song Sutton on her OMP Portfolio or at her personal site,

Images by TroubleShooterImages (OMP Member #207016)

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