Rainy Day Makes Big Splash at Shoot the Centerfold Event

If you have seen the December issue of Playboy Magazine, you will definitely remember this month’s centerfold Rainy Day – for her amazing beauty as well as her unique name. Now photographers who have been saving for a rainy day will be able to meet and collaborate with the lovely model at the upcoming Shoot The Centerfold seminar in Miami.

The workshop, which will be lead by co-founders and Playboy legends Arny Freytag and Jarmo Pohjaniemi, will take place on Jan 27-29, 2011. For more information and reservation details, visit the official website at www.ShootTheCenterfold.com for details and ticket information.

Rainy Day admits that the Playboy assignment was actually her first modeling gig. “I haven’t been modeling long, but I’ve always had a dream about being in Playboy. So I went to a casting call, shot with Ric Moore in Dallas, and as they say, the rest is history!”

She describes herself as being a very passionate person who is determined to succeed in everything she sets out to accomplish. “I try to do whatever I am working on to the best of my ability! During photo shoots, I like to establish a connection with the photographer. As long as you are both on the same page, you can make beautiful pictures together.”

Rainy Day relates that her Centerfold photo shoot was, in a word, amazing. “The Playboy staff did an amazing job, and they couldn’t have captured a better image of me. I never wanted that day to end and will cherish every second I had doing my Playboy centerfold shoot”

Being in the famous publication has already changed her life in many ways. “Now that I have reached my goal, I feel like anything is possible! I am so excited for what the future has coming my way!”

Rainy Day is looking forward to meeting all the attendees at the upcoming Shoot the Centerfold event in South Florida. “I always say I am a Miami girl at heart and I can’t wait to go visit. I am excited about working with all the photographers and I can’t wait to see what all there is to learn at the workshop. I believe that learning is great for everyone! You can never know too much! So anything you can get out of Shoot the Centerfold will be a wealth of knowledge.”

She also feels that models can benefit by attending the STC weekend. “Models can gain a new perspective from the other side of the camera. If they make the time to attend, they will learn a lot and improve their own careers.”

As far as other advice for aspiring models just starting out, Rainy Day suggests, “Everything you do is crucial to your success in this business! Every photo you take can make or break you… so be picky and always do your best. And never forget to always go for your dreams!”

The Shoot the Centerfold series is celebrating its one-year anniversary in the same place it started – South Florida. In addition to the seminars and shoots, the weekend will include a red-carpet arrival, VIP reception, and other promotional opportunities for the attending models and photographers.

Rainy Day will be joined by fellow Playmate Kyra Hipp at Shoot the Centerfold in Miami. For all the details and to register for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, visit the official website at www.ShootTheCenterfold.com.

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