British Beauty Sabrina Shines with Exotic Beauty and Charm

Sabrina OMP Model #290914 is a favorite collaborator for many photographers and other members on Having modeled for the past six years, she still loves her job just as much now as when she first began.

The brunette beauty explains how she got started in the business. “I got scouted by a local agency whilst I was out shopping with my Mum. It was something I had never thought of doing and initially I was convinced it was a scam. Something told me to go for it though. I am so glad I did as I am having so much fun!”

She was told about by one of the first photographers she worked with. “Since I joined OMP, I’ve never looked back! The site has helped me so much. I made some great contacts in the American market, one of which sponsored me, which really helped me to accelerate my career back in the U.K.”

Sabrina offers a unique and exotic style that sets her apart in the industry. “My look is how I first got into modeling, and how I keep so busy. I am definitely not typical compared to most models. Photographers say I am very different personality-wise, too, as I am very down-to-earth and not always preening or looking in the mirror! Also, I love my food and never try to starve myself. I am lucky that I am naturally slim, but I am never going to be a size zero!”

The English native’s favorite shoots have always been in the USA. “There is something about America that I just love! Everything there is on such a bigger and more glamorous scale than the U.K., and the weather and opportunities are so much greater. I am so lucky I got the opportunity to come out here for so long, and am so grateful for all my success here. 2012 is also looking to be a great year for me, as I have lots of trips already planned and am working on traveling to some exciting new areas.”

Preparing for photo shoots is second nature to Sabrina. “I always get an early night before a shoot, plus I tan and drink plenty of water. I also try not to eat too many carbs beforehand. Other than that, I have no other secrets!” During assignments, she always concentrates on getting the best out of each shoot. “Often there is a big time constraint, as the studios are booked by the hour, so getting everything in can be tight. You have to work methodically on the pictures you really need, then work on more creative ideas afterwards. You constantly have to think how to position yourself, as well as your hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, and props to get the best images. In terms of getting the best smoldering expressions, I tend to think of a certain boy or two!’

Sabrina explains her take on the rewards and challenges of modeling. “I love what I do for many reasons. It is great running my own business and schedule, getting to meet some amazing people, and not having to go into an office every day. Each day is different for me, and my work has taken me around the world and to some amazing venues. There is an amazing social side to modeling as well. I get invited to some very cool parties and weekends away for work abroad, which are always a blast. I would say the challenges are that I am self-employed so my work is not guaranteed. I really have to strive my keep my schedule filled all the time. I am also conscious that there is a shelf life on modeling, which leaves me constantly wondering what I am going to do after this all ends. It can also sometimes be hard to switch on for shoots when you are not feeling at your best. There can be a lot of pressure to always look great. However, I definitely feel the pros outweigh the cons, and I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do!”

She offers the following advice for aspiring models just starting out. “Remember to always be yourself and to be proud of that. Don’t try to change who you are or what you look like too much, as it is your original look that got you into modeling in the first place. Always follow your dreams and don’t give up! You must also learn to be a bit thick-skinned and not take a casting rejection to heart, as there are a million models out there for companies to choose from. You can be very proud whenever you book a job or get a credit.”

Sabrina also suggests three tips for photographers to remember when working with models. “I would say to always be friendly and chatty, to make the model feel relaxed. Also, plan the shoot beforehand with a detailed outline so that model can fully prepare and have everything she needs. Finally, always use a hair, makeup and clothing stylist to get the very best out of the shoot.”

For anyone interested in working abroad, Sabrina points out that the U.K. is a great market for models, photographers, stylists and artists. “There is a demand for all styles of photography, and there are amazing locations and studios. With the current recession, however, the industry has become quite saturated. However, I am still doing as well now as when I started, due to my unique look and experience.”

Finally, Sabrina would like to express her gratitude to all of her collaborators she has met on “Thank you so much to everyone on OMP that I have worked with over the six years. You have all been amazing — and without you, I wouldn’t be able to live my dream!”

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  1. D M Wilmot says:

    I agree with what Sabrina says above, in regard who she is, how she works and interacts with others?
    Be they ‘professional’ photographers and/or ‘amateur’ photographers.

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