Career Cues: First and Worst Impressions at Auditions

“Career Cues” can help actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and models who are trying to break into movies, television and theatre. We will be offering informative advice on how to prepare and how to win the roles you are going out for.

Once you’re in the audition waiting room and you finally hear your name called, you can respond with a sigh of relief or a look of panic. The first response is preferable. Grab your headshot and resume (which you remembered to bring this time) and try to stay calm as you approach the door to the audition room.

You chant your mentor-dictated mantra as you open the door, that might be something like: “The audition starts the moment you step into the room.” That could be good or bad advice, depending on how self-conscious it makes you feel. But better to be aware of it than to enter with bad posture, no smile, and a defeated attitude.

Worrying about your first impression as you walk in is one of the hardest things to overcome: “Do they like me? Do they like what I look like? Did I wear the right clothes?” Remember to try to relax! Worrying about all these things only make you more self-conscious, more self-aware and less focused on what you’re there for.

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