Career Cues: How to Not Be Late, Rushed, and Flustered

“Career Cues” can help actors, actresses, singers, dancers, and models who are trying to break into movies, television and theatre. We will be offering informative advice on how to prepare and how to win the roles you are going out for.

Whether you are an actor going to an audition, a model heading to a go-see, or a photographer on your way to the studio, you are going to find yourself running late every now and then. It is something we all experience every once in a while. However, by planning ahead, you can avoid stressing out and arrive on time most of the time.

No one likes the feeling of running late for an audition, appointment or call time. Regardless the reason why you’re late, you’re probably already nervous and it’s made worse when you are racing to be on time. What should you do? First, let people know you’re running late. Call or text whoever you are meeting and make sure they know your ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Second, be apologetic but not overly so. You can say you are sorry for not making it on time. But there’s no need to go into all the reasons and excuses why you were late. A simple apology will do the trick.

Third, stay calm and maintain a cool demeanor. You need to stay focused on the goal at hand. Whether you are aiming to impress the director and casting team, or setting up for a photo shoot, concentrate on what needs to get done. Regardless of how late you arrive, everything will go much smoother if you are composed and clear-headed.

Keeping your cool is especially important when you are coming in to read for a TV, commercial, or film casting. Due to the nature of the business, you may not get a lot of notice about the audition. Some actors have been called the morning of the call, and are expected to come that afternoon.

The short lead-time is sure to add to your stress level, but have no fear, the casting people will most likely take that into account and adjust their expectation levels accordingly. Of course, if you come in fresh and ready to go, you will stand out. So think like a boy scout and always be prepared to jump into any casting situation you encounter.

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