Canadian Teen Model Kendra is an OMP Rising Star

Kendra OMP ID# 462624 is a Canadian teen model who started working when she was only 12 years old.

Four years later, she has found much success in the industry and even won first place in the OMP Autumn Inspirations Competition.

She got her start as a model from a fortuitous referral. “My hairdresser asked me if I would be interested. A local photographer she had been working with was looking for some models for stock photography. She thought I would really enjoy it.”

It was Kendra’s mom who researched websites and found “We both really liked what OMP had to offer. So she signed me up and we got started. I’ve been very excited to see a number of my pictures selected to be Showcase Images. Then in October of this year, I was selected as the first place winner in OMP‘s Autumn Inspirations Competition. The site has let me network with lots of great photographers and other models. I love OMP!”

Anyone who has shot with Kendra knows that she works really hard at her craft. “I know I don’t fit the standard height for runway jobs, but I know there is work out there for me in catalogs and beauty assignments, where height is not such an issue. So I work really hard to be the kind of model a photographer wants to work with.”

She loves shooting in the outdoors. “It’s a nice change-up to get out of the studio and be able to feed off the environment.”

Kendra follows a personal routine when preparing for a photo shoot. “I make sure to get a good night sleep the night before. I also give myself a mani/pedi so I’m ready to go for whatever we will be doing that day. And I’m always spending time in front of the mirror practicing different expressions. Then during the shoot, I try to bring out as much energy as possible to get the best pictures I can.”

There are many rewards to modeling for this talented teen. “I like the fun of modeling, and really enjoy the whole experience. I also enjoy seeing the final results of how the images turn out. But there are challenges as well, such as maintaining your confidence level when faced with negative feedback and critiques.”

She offers some great advice for models just starting out. “Don’t let people discourage you from doing what you want to do. Follow your dream and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Remember to practice, practice, practice — and always believe in yourself!’

Kendra would like to thank for all the support they have given her since she joined the site. “Being a member of OMP has been a great experience. Thanks very much for choosing me as a Rising Star. And for any new models out there – OMP is the place you want to be!”

See more of Kendra on her OMP Portfolio

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  1. Chelsie McMunn says:

    Your absolutly talented and beautiful like your mom!!!! Good luck cousin.I love you!!! Yout attitude is a guaranteed to succeed!!!xo

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