Models Can Make the Most of Their Careers with OMP

Whether you are an international supermodel, an established veteran, an aspiring amateur, or an eager beginner, one thing is true at any stage of this business — modeling is not as easy at it looks. There is an endless amount of preparation that every model must accomplish in order to succeed, and an equally important routine of maintenance and management to follow once you’ve reached the big time. A person must be fit, focused and flexible if they want to make it in this field. So many aspects can affect your chances – everything from going to the gym regularly and not eating that second bagel, to waking up in time to attend that “go see” and testing with the right photographers who’ll get you noticed.

What are the essential career moves that will catapult you into the coveted category of “working model”? If only there was a magic formula to follow, then a life on the runway or in front of the camera would be a piece of (low-fat) cake. There is no secret to success, however, other than hard work and dedication. If you are committed to being polished, pleasant, prompt, and persistent, then you have a serious shot at standing out above the crowd – even if you don’t exactly make the dreaded height requirement.

Models of all experience levels have pursued their passion and made successful strides in their careers through using The site is perfect for promoting yourself and perfecting your skills. Plus, you can learn all about the industry by reading our profiles and interviews with fellow models, photographers, and other experts in the OMP Blog. You can find advice on all aspects of the biz from training to traveling, and get answers to your burning questions about topics such as portfolios, castings, diets, contracts, makeup, and managers.

You may be still trying to determine your personal style, or deciding which national magazine cover to appear on — can get a little bit closer to your ultimate goal. By networking on our site, you can make the most of your modeling ambitions and aspirations. You will discover tips on how to move from test shoots to paying gigs, articles on outfits and accessories, the lowdown on comp cards and conventions, whether you should be a parts model or a fit model, travel tips, safety suggestions, petite and plus-size opportunities, even information on how to do your taxes and eventually parlay your modeling expertise into other employment avenues.

If you are just starting out and don’t know a tfp from a zed, you’ve come to the right place. If you are already well on your way to signing with a top agency, OMP will help put your progress in proper perspective. Actors and dancers will also benefit from reading the advice listed here, as a side career in modeling may provide an alternate (and lucrative) way to break into show business. The bottom line is, is for everyone who’s ever dreamed of making a name for themselves as a professional working model.

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