Body Painting Helps the Healing for Breast Cancer Survivors

Michael D. Colanero of UNCOMMON Stock (OMP Member #91273) is a creative and compelling artist. The photographer is equally passionate about his Breast Cancer Awareness Bodypainting Project. His intimate portraits of cancer survivors adorned in beautifully painted designs got the message out during the month of October, which is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The project promotes Breast Cancer Awareness and Fundraising, and features bodypainting by Body Art by Keegan (OMP Member #215682). Several publications features the work on their covers, as well as a feature article.

Kristan Bond and Mindi Rudan profiled the project in their article “Living Art With Heart: The Amazing Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project.” Here is an excerpt from the story:

For the past two years, Michael Colanero has been working on the Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project, capturing the beauty of women at a vulnerable time and allowing them the expression many sought in a very liberating way. Colanero says it was fate that brought together all the pieces to start the project. ”I spent years networking and eventually met a breast cancer survivor who was inspired by my work. She was taken with what I did in my art and provided me with the elements to create a way for breast cancer survivors to express themselves as living art.”

Currently, 25 survivors of all shapes, ages and ethnicities have participated in the project as models. “Women have come from all over the United States and as far away as Australia,” said Colanero. “We’re trying hard to have the project reach all around the world and hope to get some celebrities involved as well. It allows the survivors to make a lot of statements, and for the person viewing the art to admire not just the beauty in the art, but the courage and beauty of the survivors themselves. It’s pretty empowering, and certainly thought provoking.”

Michael is based in South Florida at his UNCOMMON Gallery. Anyone interested in contributing or participating in the project should contact him through his OMP Profile.

Image by Michael Colanero (OMP Member #91273), bodypainting by Body Art by Keegan (OMP Member #215682).

See more of Michael’s work at at

Also read how the project has sparked a controversy on Facebook.

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