Brunette Beauty Jessie Loves to Travel for Model Assignments

Jessie OMP Model #176980 is a brunette beauty from Texas who is both passionate and professional when it comes to her modeling career. Having started at the age of 18 years old, she has worked steadily for the past six years on a variety of assignments.

She has also worked in a variety of locations, and recommends traveling for anyone who wants to book more assignments and see the world at the same time. “I have been to Puerto Vallarta, California, Florida, Washington, North Carolina, and Nevada for photo shoots. I love to travel!”

It may be difficult to believe, but Jessie did not have any aspirations to be a model when she got her first break. “I got started when a friend talked me into shooting a small catalog for a local company. It came so natural to me that I decided I would begin reaching out to photographers to build a portfolio!”

Inquiring about online portfolio sites led her to “My uncle told me OMP. He is a photographer also!”

Jessie has since become one of the most-viewed members of OMP. “The site has definitely given me exposure in the industry. No other site has so many connections and outlets for exposure. I love working with OMP!

Although she has done a wide range of assignments including fashion, editorial, and glamour, her favorite shoot style is swimwear. “I love the edgy fashion spin on the super sexy, sultry suits that designers are making these days!”

Jessie’s favorite credit to date was shooting for the cover and swim edition of Austin Fit Magazine the past two years. “That was a great assignment. But the most fun I had shooting was representing Texas for OMP in the 2006 Ujena Bikini Jam! I got second place, but it was so worth it!”

She relates that she has several future goals regarding her career in the industry. “I think at this point, I will be taking my modeling towards fitness and swimwear! I am a personal trainer, and that direction lines up perfectly with my goals!”

Jessie offers the following advice for models just starting out. “If you are beginning model, be sure to learn your best angles. Use a mirror and learn how to pose. If you know what angles will give the best result, then each shoot will be productive and clients will be more than happy!”

See more of Jessie on her OMP Portfolio

Image: Richard Evans Photography

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